#5 – The Tale of Two Runners

Once upon a time, there were four fantastic friends; Sam, Charlie, Daniel and Michael. The boys were such good friends that, in first grade, they had made a promise to remain friends forever and to have each other’s backs, “No matter what.” Towards the middle of the school year, the four boys were in the... Continue Reading →

#4 – The Tale of Willow the Wicked Witch

Once upon a time, there lived a Wicked Witch named Willow. Willow didn’t feel very wicked, and what good was being a Wicked Witch if you didn’t feel like being wicked? While the other Wicked Witches went about their wicked ways, Willow had other reasons for taking part in their nightly tricks and activities. When... Continue Reading →

#3 – The Tale of Henrietta Grumpy Pants and the Pink Shoes

Once upon a time, there was a very mean and very grumpy little girl named Henrietta. In fact, Henrietta was so mean and grumpy that the children at Greenvale School called her Henrietta Grumpy Pants. Of course, Henrietta knew this because she happened to be as equally as smart as she was grumpy, and she... Continue Reading →

#1 – The Tale of Princess Ruby

Once upon a time, in the largest and most beautiful castle the world had ever seen, there lived a young princess named Princess Ruby. Princess Ruby's castle was so large, that, one morning, she awoke to discover that she didn't know where she was! She began knocking on every door that lined the very long hallway.... Continue Reading →

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