#7 – The Tale of Billy the Bully

Alisha Towers - 7 Billy the Bully

Once upon a time, when kindness would make you more friends than being mean, there was a boy who went by the name of Billy the Bully. Billy the Bully was one of the meanest children you could ever meet. In fact, if you did meet him, he would pick on every little thing he could find about you until you cried.

One day, Billy the Bully was playing in the park when a group of children from the nearby kindergarten arrived. Billy thought that all of his luck had come at once, and could hardly contain his excitement. The kindergarten teachers were soon busy talking amongst themselves and Billy saw his chance.

The first little boy that Billy the Bully wanted to make fun of was Zack. Zack was wearing a big, red hat so Billy the Bully thought this it would be easy to make him cry first, and he was right. “Hey, little boy, you look like a giant tomato!” Zack’s lip immediately began wobbling, and he screamed and cried while running back to his teachers.

The second little boy that Billy the Bully wanted to make cry was Liam. Although Liam’s hair was red, Billy the Bully liked to think he was more creative than that, so he stared at all the freckles on Liam’s face and asked, “What happened, did someone splatter the paint while colouring your hair?” Liam stood for a moment then burst into tears and ran away sobbing to join Zack.

All the kids were now quite scared of Billy the Bully. Except for one little girl named Haley. Haley had been watching Billy and waiting for her turn. Billy turned to Haley and she noticed him looking her up and down as if following a checklist: Glasses. Check. Bucked teeth. Check. Short hair. Check. Billy didn’t even know where to begin. “Well, well, well,” said Billy the Bully, “Just look at those glasses, my eyes would have to be as large as a basketball to see as well as you can!” Just then, Billy the Bully stopped laughing and was acting a bit strange. He looked out over the kids, and they noticed at once that his eyes had become so large that they were indeed the size of basketballs! “Agghhh, I’m sorry!” he yelled. And his eyes instantly shrunk down to their normal size.

He shook it off and approached Haley again. “Only rabbits and donkeys need teeth as big as yours! Which one are you?” he snickered. Billy the Bully suddenly grabbed his mouth and his eyes widened. His hands couldn’t hide what was happening, and he eventually revealed the biggest set of chompers you have ever seen! The kids started pointing and laughing. “I’n Dorry!” said Billy the Bully and his teeth went back down to normal sized teeth.

Billy the Bully was furious now. His face was red and he was sweating. It was time to get serious. “Your hair,” he started, “Makes you look like a boy! It should be long, long, long!” All the kids watched closely. It started slowly at first and then it became more and more noticeable. Billy the Bully’s hair was growing. Faster and faster it grew until it covered his entire body, and, because his hair had found a way into his mouth, he couldn’t say sorry. Because he couldn’t say sorry his hair kept growing. Soon Billy the Bully was nothing more than a giant ball of hair.

Most of the kids started to climb on the now gigantic ball while others just sat back and laughed. Some of the kids had the idea to start rolling Billy the Bully around as if the park were an oversized bowling alley. They rolled him to the edge of the park and then up to the top of a nearby hill. Billy the Bully’s hair was still growing, so they had to push harder and harder as they moved him to the top. They rolled him over the top of the hill and watched as he smashed his way through branches and leaves, coming to rest at the trunk of a large tree at the base of the hill.

They’d had their fun, so they ran down towards Billy the Bully and started grabbing tufts of hair to try and find him. Eventually, a mouth revealed itself and let out a loud “I’m sooooorrrrryyy!” The hair began to disappear. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster until all that was left was a normal looking and very tired Billy the Bully.

Billy the Bully got up and ran home yelling and crying, “I’m so sooorrry!”
“We are sorry for you too,” said Haley, and they went back to the park to play.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “#7 – The Tale of Billy the Bully

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  1. That was quite imaginative, I liked it! An interesting form of karma. I found it to be metaphorical. The reason he was bullying was because he was acting out his own insecurities, that’s what I think anyways.

    Also I admire your work ethic.

    Thanks for leaving a like on my story! You’re welcome back any time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Spencer. I really appreciate your well thought out feedback. Interesting that you stumbled across this particular tale! It was meant to be one that I wrote and then forgot about, but both Billy and Haley have managed to become two of my main recurring characters… I’ve even managed to explain Haley’s ability to wreak havoc along the way 😉 Billy is also one of the main characters in my my recent tale so he’s not disappearing anytime soon! Thanks for reading. Gregg.

      Liked by 1 person

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