#8 – The Tale of An Idea

Alisha Towers - 8 An Idea

Once upon a time, there was an idea that couldn’t find a home. And it was a good idea. A really good idea. In fact, it was such a good idea that it took several years for it to find where it belonged. The idea was first born in a body of water known as The Sea of Ideas. It is here that all ideas are born, and it is a peaceful place, as all ideas are born good. It is once they leave The Sea of Ideas and enter The Ether that they begin the fight to find a home. The better the idea, the longer it will fight to find the right home and fight they must. For at every potential home there is a bad idea waiting to bury itself down and anchor itself there for as long as it can. The rules of the fight are as follows:

1) A bad idea cannot anchor itself until it has fought a good idea.
2) Bad ideas are significantly stronger than good ideas, so there is no limit to the number of good ideas allowed to fight a bad idea.
3) Once a bad idea has been removed, any of the good ideas are able to take its place.
4) Once defeated, a bad idea must leave its home and, if it wishes, it is allowed to wait for a good idea to become weak and begin the fight again.

In order to win a fight, several good ideas must join together to beat the strength of one bad idea. They must ensure that they will work well together, otherwise the unthinkable happens: The good idea which has found its home transforms into a bad idea. Now, this does not happen instantly. It is a process which takes such a long time, that they do not notice it happening before it is too late. By then, the now bad idea has already infected all the good ideas which helped it to win in the first place.

Our good idea had tried to fight some of the numerous bad ideas which had appeared during her lifetime, but she had always lost. Not many other good ideas wanted to join and fight with her because they could see that she was not ready to find her home, so she searched and searched, attempting to fight some of the stronger bad ideas she came across but without any luck.

She grew tired and began to think that maybe she wasn’t a very good idea after all. One day, our idea watching all of the fights occurring in front of her. Most fights were small and did not last long. They were not the sort of ferocious fight that she longed for. However, on this day, she got her wish.

It happened so quickly that she was unprepared for the fight. In front of her, three good ideas had a hold of a bad idea and were attempting to rip out its anchors from its home. It seemed every time they were able to dislodge an anchor, the bad idea was able to snap it back into place. Suddenly, three other good ideas came up behind her and began pushing her through The Ether towards the fight. She thought she was meant to be grabbing one of the three good ideas already in the fight, but they kept pushing her away. Confused, she watched in anticipation while other good ideas were joining the group. More and more came out of The Ether and soon there were more than forty of them attempting to rip the bad idea out of its home. Three anchors had now become dislodged and, in an attempt to keep the remaining three anchors firmly in their place, the bad idea let out a deafening scream. But it was not enough. The good ideas ripped the final anchor out and hurled the bad idea into the far reaches of The Ether.

Everything turned peaceful, and, while holding each other tight, the good ideas started glowing brighter and brighter. They let out a beautiful hum and made a path for our good idea to follow. She felt warm and full of love as she made her way through the good ideas which had helped lead her to this moment.

She breathed in deeply and took in her surroundings before finally coming to settle in her new home, where she lived for many years to come.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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