#18 – The Tale of Melanie the Mischievous Mouse

Alisha Towers - 18 Melanie the Mischieveous Mouse

Once upon a time, there lived a mouse named Melanie who loved playing tricks on her family. In fact, she loved playing tricks so much that it was all she ever thought about. Melanie lived in a hole in the wall with her large family including her 2 parents, 3 sisters, 2 brothers and 4 grandparents, so there was always someone to play a trick on and always someone who was being annoyed by her.

Since she thought her tricks were extremely well thought out, Melanie couldn’t understand why her family didn’t find her tricks all that funny. Every time she would invent a new trick and make it happen, she would convince herself that her family will appreciate how just how smart she truly was. However, the outcome was always the same: Melanie would be laughing and pointing and slapping other mice on the back trying to get them to laugh as well but they would often just stare and shake their little mice heads at her and then carry on with their otherwise boring days.

This is why Melanie had secretly spent months making a giant cat out of old bits of mouse traps, rubbish, paint and bits of plastic she had found on the floor as well as extra cat fur she had stuffed in her pockets each time she had left the house. Thinking ahead, Melanie made sure that her fake cat was kept outside of the mouse’s family home so no one could accidentally find it. Every day, without hurry and without fail, she made sure she added something new to it. It was a work of art and the masterpiece was coming along nicely. She was nearly ready to reveal her biggest trick of all time…

Because they lived such boring and predictable lives, Melanie knew the exact time and place that she would trick her family. Every Sunday, at 7am, they went to the park, which meant they had to exit to their house, make sure everything was safe and quietly sneak past the house’s pet cat, Luna. Little did they know that this time, they would sneak past the real Luna, only to discover that there was another fake Luna waiting outside to scare them.

Sunday morning came and, like clockwork, the family were ready and heading out the door right on 7am. Melanie’s father stuck his head out of their mouse house and saw Luna curled up asleep a few meters away from the entrance to their house. Just like they had practised, all 12 mice began sneaking past Luna in a single file, being careful not to bump into one another and staying focused on moving towards the exit of the main house.

As they reached the exit, the family began to relax and Melanie started to get excited. They pushed their little heads out of the cat door and, one by one came tumbling through on to the step below. And, one by one, they started to stand, turn around and stare. In front of them was a giant cat that looked exactly like the one they had just snuck past. Melanie had a hand up to her mouth to hide her chuckle while the others stared in disbelief. Suddenly, her Grandparents ran off around the corner quicker than anybody had ever seen them run off before. Her brothers and sisters dashed behind rocks and buckets and flower pots to get the best hiding spots as quickly as they could, while her parents simply stared in disbelief, unable to think about what to do next. Melanie thought it was time to let her family know it was a trick, so she walked out in front of her family and put her hands proudly in the air in order take ownership over the best trick she had ever pulled.

This is when Melanie noticed something strange about the fake Luna. She couldn’t remember adding any moving parts to her fake cat, yet the cat’s tail was flitting from side to side. She couldn’t remember adding any smells to her cat either, yet this cat’s breath smelled strongly of cat food. She also couldn’t remember making her fake cat be able to arch its back or lick its lips, yet, there it was, staring and getting ready to pounce at any instant.

At this moment, Melanie realised that this was not her fake Luna at all. It was the REAL luna. She launched off her hind legs and made two long bounds back towards the cat door. She pushed it open with all of her strength and tumbled on to the floor on the other side. Back inside the house, she scrambled to gather some speed and was sliding around the floor like a hockey puck. She managed to slide her way around the corner but lost her footing as she headed home. She crashed into the sleeping cat at the front of her house and bits of mouse trap and plastic went flying through the air to the other side of the room.

Melanie stared and started shaking as the real Luna came slowly walking around the corner with a hungry look in her eyes and, just as she was about to give in to the idea of being Luna’s lunch, Melanie could see her family through the cat door. They were laughing hysterically and pointing as Luna lay down on the floor and started purring away. The family made their way around the corner and could not stop laughing at poor Melanie’s misfortune. They were carrying an opened tin of cat food which they placed down in front Luna, patted her on the back and said, “Thank you for your help, old friend. It’s about time we outsmarted this mischievous mouse!”

Melanie knew she had been fooled by her family this time but she also knew that her best trick was still yet to come…


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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