#20 – The Tale of the Teeth of Peter – Part One

Once upon a time, in a time when baths and showers were commonplace, there lived a boy named Peter who hated having to brush his teeth as equally much as he hated doing his mathematics homework each night. The very thought of the taste of the toothpaste was enough to make him gag. In fact, he hated brushing his teeth so much that, exactly five days ago, Peter made the decision to never brush his teeth again. As it turns out, this decision did not come without consequences…

On the first day, Peter was quite happy with himself. He had thought about how he was going to make his mum believe that he had actually made the effort to brush his teeth. Both in the morning and in the evening, Peter turned on the bathroom tap, put some mint toothpaste on his brush, tried not to gag and made brushing sounds by rubbing his toothbrush along the plug hole at the bottom of the bathroom sink. Occasionally, he would make spitting noises and then, at the end of the routine, he would rinse his toothbrush and put it back in the toothbrush holder. He then completed the routine with the part that he was most proud about: He made gargling noises using water and spat it down the sink. His first attempt to trick his mum had worked and he went to bed feeling extremely proud.

On the second day, Peter woke up and noticed that his teeth felt a little “fuzzy”. He licked the outside of his teeth and a smile grew across his mouth. This was perfect, he thought. Again, both day and night, he went through with the routine he had developed the day before and his mum was still none-the-wiser.

By the third day, Peter’s teeth were well and truly fuzzed over and he was having trouble not licking his teeth every chance he got. In class, Peter would sit there tonguing his teeth and using the inside of his lips to feel just how deliciously grotty they had become. All of this grot, he thought, doesn’t even come close to feeling anywhere near as bad as that dreadful mint toothpaste.

Peter saw the fourth day as an opportunity to really start getting serious about the amount of grittiness he could handle being on his teeth. He proudly spent some of his hard earned pocket money on multiple packets of candy in the shape of little fruits and he enjoyed two sugary drinks; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Although Peter was feeling prouder and prouder with every new layer of grime, his friends at school had started to notice that his breath was starting to smell worse with every passing hour. They didn’t know about Peter’s little project and they were far too polite to say anything.

On the morning of the fifth day, Peter’s breath had been the topic that all the students were talking about. Peter was unaware of this fact and he continued talking to people, tonguing the top of row of his teeth and rubbing the bottom row with his lips. He was convinced that his new lifestyle choice was going unnoticed but he was about to learn that this was not the case.

During his mathematics class, Peter was placed in a group with two other students, Henrietta and Haley. As they started to discuss their ideas for solutions to the math’s problems they’d been given, Henrietta could no longer keep her thoughts to herself. “Your breath stinks like the bottom of my bird’s cage,” she announced.

Peter was shocked and simply replied, “Whatever. It does not.”

Haley chimed in with her thoughts, “She’s right, Peter. It smells gross and everyone is talking about it.” Peter couldn’t believe it, and before he knew what was coming out of his mouth, he yelled, “Well at least I can brush my mouth problems away but you will always have ugly bucked teeth!” Peter had caught himself off guard with this comment and immediately covered his mouth. Haley glared at him with a look of anger he had never seen before and he noticed his mouth beginning to feel like it was full of cotton candy. He jumped up and ran out of the classroom.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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