#24 – The Tale of a Feather

Alisha Towers - Feather

Feather was never in search of anything, but adventure always seemed to find her. She couldn’t remember where she had come from, only that she had been around for what had felt like a very, very long time. As far back as she could remember, the feather had been floating, not floating, then floating again, a gentle pattern of discovery that led her to explore anywhere the breeze carried her. In fact, this was all she had known and Feather had lived this way for so long, that she never even considered the possibility that she could be any happier.

Her earliest memories were drifting peacefully above some beautiful green trees and broad, crystal clear rivers. She felt happy high above trees, and every time she thought that she had strayed too far down, a breeze would swoop in and gently carry her up again. Feather felt as though this might be her life forever and was content with her life this way.

However, just as she settled into this thought, Feather encountered a breeze much stronger than any she had felt before. Suddenly she was blown down towards the ground and couldn’t stop herself from spinning around and around. For the first time, Feather felt out of control, and she braced herself as the wind forced her towards the rocks of the water below.

The river didn’t care much for the beauty that the feather once held and, with as much force as a feather could handle, the torrent pushed her against rocks and tree roots, sending her down the rapids in a series of slides and giddy spins. Eventually, the river opened up, and feather found herself drifting peacefully again, with the water thankfully deciding to let her rest on the side of a large, mossy boulder on the banks of the river. There she stayed for a long time as she dried out and regained her breath.

When the rains came, our feather found herself on the move once again, and this time, she was carried downstream for many miles. Once the rain had eased and the pace of the river had slowed down to a crawl, she noticed a town and some boats in front of her. The water brought her close enough to a group of children swimming near the river banks. One of the children spotted the feather and played with her for a moment before cupping her in his hands and tossing her on to the riverbank as though she were in his way. This gave feather a chance to dry out once again, and she spent the next few days relaxing peacefully in the sunshine.

One morning, the wind gradually built up from a light breeze to some stronger gusts, and Feather found herself drifting in the air again. For hours she danced in the sky, feeling a sense of freedom as she looked out over the town. Eventually, she came to rest in a most beautiful garden, lying contentedly among the freshly cut grass.

A young girl and her father were entering their house when she spotted Feather resting on the grass. She picked up Feather ever so gently and rested it on the palm of her hands to carry it inside. Soon Feather was given pride of place on the young girl’s shelves and every night, Feather was taken down from the shelf and was allowed to sleep next to her on her pink pillow.

As the young girl got older though, Feather was noticed less and less. No longer was she sleeping alongside her on the pink pillow. The girl eventually moved out of the house but she kept Feather with her when she moved.

Feather watched as new family members arrived over the years, but she was no longer treasured by the girl who had since turned to older things. Then, one day, while cleaning out her room, the girl found Feather and almost went to throw her in the bin. She nearly let feather go but suddenly changed her mind at the last second.

Feather was put aside once again, left on a table to think about the times she had floated freely while looking outside at the sunshine. Then, one day, two little girls found Feather and took her from the table and placed her on a piece of marbled paper next to some paint brushes and craft supplies. The girls spread glitter all around Feather, which tickled when it landed on her. They put the paper and feather in a lovely frame and placed her carefully on the wall.

From then on, whenever the family would arrive home or guests would come to visit, the first thing they saw when the entered the room was a beautiful grey and white feather, watching peacefully, and quietly waiting for her next adventure.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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  1. lovely work! Incredible that you can write so much, of such quality, daily. Thanks for popping across to my blog and liking my article on wider world reading list.


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