#26 – The Tale of Dragor, Protector of the Sky!

Alisha Towers - 27 Dargor, Protector of the Sky

Once upon a time, there was a dragon who was so strong and furious that he was known as Dragor, Protector of the Sky! Dragor kept the sky safe from all of the nasty villains trying to invade his village, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t control his fiery breath very well. In fact, every time he opened his mouth, a huge ball of flames shot out, making him not all that great at everyday tasks such as having a conversation or eating breakfast. In time, this made Dragor very sad, and the sadder he got, the less energy he had to protect the village. The animals of the village held an emergency meeting to try and solve the problem.

As he was King of the Village, Lion spoke first. “We are here, as we must find a way for Dragor to be able to control his breath so that he has the strength to help protect us. Who among you has an idea?” The animals mumbled amongst themselves for a moment before Bear put his hand up and the crowd went silent.

“I could climb up a tree and tie a chain around his mouth,” he said with his booming voice. Not having been in this situation before and needing answers quite quickly, the animals foolishly agreed to try this idea.

The next day, Lion went and spoke to Dragor and explained they were going to try and help him clear his throat. Dragor couldn’t open his mouth to respond, so he politely followed Lion out of his cave and guided him to the large tree just outside his home. In the trees above, Bear held out a long chain and gently tied it around Dragor’s snout. All of the animals cheered and went to celebrate in the village. Just as the sun was setting, The Bats from The East attacked. The sirens sounded and all of the animals waited for Dragor to fight back. But he was unable to open his mouth as it was tied shut. Thinking quickly, several monkeys climbed up Dragor, back and rushed to untied the chain from his mouth. In a matter of seconds, he was able to open his mouth and scare away The Bats from the East for good.

Lion called the second meeting.

“We must have another idea!” he announced. The animals mumbled between themselves for a moment and when Rabbit put his tiny paw up to speak, the animals fell silent.

“I can knit everyone in the village suits to protect us from becoming toast!” he announced with confidence. Feeling as though they were doing Dragor a favour by allowing him to be free while they wore the suits, the villagers decided to give Rabbit’s idea a try.

The next day, Lion went and spoke to Dragor and explained they would like to try again to help him clear his throat. Being the ever-polite dragon, Dragor agreed to follow Lion down to the village where he was greeted by all of the villagers wearing matching fire-proof suits. Because they all looked quite silly, Dragor started to laugh. Tiny flames came out of his mouth at first, but as his laughter got louder and stronger, the fireballs got bigger and bigger. Soon Dragor was laughing so hard that he accidentally burnt down three of the animal’s houses.

Lion called the third meeting.

“We are in need of a great idea! The wisest among you must speak now!” Owl raised a wing and everyone turned to hear what he had to say.

“Perhaps,” Owl said nobly, “We should ask Dragor what he thinks.” At first, the animals remained silent, but, one by one, they agreed that this idea was indeed the wisest.

Still in their protective suits and with Lion and Owl leading the way, all of the animals went to Dragor’s cave. When they arrived, Lion summonsed Dragor outside. “Do you, Dragor, have any ideas for how we may help you clear your throat?.” Dragor found a large stick and drew a picture on the ground below. The animals watched as he drew and, eventually, they could make out the outline of a dragon, with what looked like a bone stuck in his throat.

The animals looked at each other and immediately knew what to do. Taking his chain with him, Bear climbed the highest tree he could find while Rabbit climbed Dragor’s scaly back. They counted to three and Bear tossed the chain towards Dragor’s snout. Dragor opened his mouth and Rabbit, protected by his fireproof suit, dashed inside, dodging teeth and fire, hopping quickly along his enormous dragon tongue. Rabbit tied the end of the chain around the bone and hopped out as quickly as he could and back down his large body. As if in a giant tug-of-war, the animals held the end of the chain and pulled with all of their might. The giant bone flew out of Dragor’s mouth and landed deep in the forest. The forest animals fell silent as they watched as Dragor slowly lifted his head and open his eyes.

“Thank you, animal friends. You have my eternal protection.”

The animals cheered and danced their way into the night, safe in the knowledge that Dragor, Protector of the Sky would protect both them and their houses forever.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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