#33 – The Tale of Zoe and the Actual Real-Life Monster in Her Bedroom

Alisha Towers - Zoe and the Actual Real Life Monster in Her Bedroom

Once upon a time, in a world where drawing was often encouraged, there lived a girl named Zoe who loved nothing more than drawing the pictures she saw in her imagination. In fact, between the ages of three and four, that was all Zoe ever really did, and her parents had a difficult time getting her to do anything else. Back then though, the lines that she drew didn’t really amount to what anyone with any sort of taste would call a ‘picture’. To anyone else, they looked more like unfinished mazes or a bunch of rainbows mushed together on the same page.

This didn’t deter Zoe from continuing to practice drawing and, by the time she was five, her pictures had started to look increasingly like actual real-world things. They were so realistic that, after several weeks of practising, the monster that Zoe had been trying to draw suddenly came to life. The first time she saw the monster’s hand move on the page, she had to double check to make sure she hadn’t accidentally mixed up her new colouring pencils with her glitter pens or that it wasn’t a trick of the light. Zoe watched as the monster used both his hands to lift himself out of the page and then there he was, standing in front of her; Weird, purple horns, one blue eye and one green eye, white fluffy belly and toenails so long she could have jumped on them if she had wanted to. Which she didn’t. Because they were gross. Just like she had drawn them.

Zoe couldn’t draw anything like a personality, so she knew this whole monster situation was very unpredictable. She couldn’t be sure if he was a friendly monster or an unfriendly monster. In case it mattered, she tried to think about the types of thoughts she was having while drawing the monster and she was sure they were happy thoughts.

The monster lifted up his hands to look at them closely and let out the type of groan that made it sound as though he was either confused or lost or both. Zoe felt sorry for the monster, so she thought of a way to try and find out what kind of monster she was dealing with. Was he thinking good thoughts, like she was thinking as she drew him, or was he thinking threatening monster thoughts? She decided she’d better not try her luck, so she quickly took her drawing materials and drew another monster of about the same height and width as the first monster, but this time without any horns, just in case.

Her first monster watched as she added the finishing touches to her new monster’s eyebrows, and, right on cue, the second monster lifted himself out of the picture. Zoe now found herself in the uncomfortable position of having two monsters staring at her, then staring at each other.  They looked completely confused and monster one decided to reach out and poke monster two in the belly. Monster two frowned but then started to giggle and immediately poked monster one back.  Now they were both laughing and poking one another. Zoe could see where this was going but she was unable to stop the two monsters as they continued poking each other in their bellies while laughing raucously. They started chasing each other around Zoe’s bedroom like playful children, trying to tickle one another. She asked them both very politely to be quiet in case they disturbed the others in the house but, even if they could hear her, there was no way the two monsters were going to stop having the fun that they were having.

Zoe knew her mum would come to check on her at any moment, so she had to think quickly. Grabbing her colouring pencils and the paper and ignoring the chaos going on around her, she quickly drew a giant eraser. After waiting impatiently for several seconds, the eraser appeared to almost melt out of the page. She picked it up and, as soon as the playful monsters saw what she had, they immediately stopped what they were doing and stared at Zoe.

Monster one was in tears, followed by some comical wails and a flood of tears from monster two. Zoe started to feel bad for both of the monsters as they really hadn’t been around for very long and she had enjoyed the short time they’d spent together. But they were too noisy and out of control and that wouldn’t do if they were to live with Zoe in her bedroom. She cornered them one by one and started to erase monster two. He quickly disappeared. Then she poked monster one, in the belly with her fingers as she gave him a big hug, and he tickled her back. They shared a giggle before she started to erase him as well and, just like that, the room was quiet again.

Zoe’s mother opened her bedroom door just as she threw the giant eraser under her bed and greeted her mother with a kind of awkward smile. Her mother mentioned something about Zoe making sure that her room was tidy and then shut the door behind her. By this time, Zoe was extremely tired from running around after monsters all afternoon, so she picked up her colouring pencils and began to wonder how she might start to draw herself a brand-new bedroom.


You can read about the time Zoe lost her special pencil by reading Tale #56 – The Tale of a Lost Pencil

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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