#39 – The Tale of Two Magicians

Once upon a time, in a world full of wonder and mystery, there lived a magician named Avery. Avery was, in fact, the world’s greatest magician. Well, one day he would be anyway. For now, he was happy practising​ every day after school to get past page 4 of his book, 101 Super Easy Magic Tricks. Avery knew that his hard work would one day pay off, and he imagined the day when crowds made up of thousands of people would fill the theatre to watch his show. Only one person stood in the way of Avery and his success, as there was another magician who also wanted to be the greatest in the world; his twin sister, Kaitlyn.

Their rivalry started before breakfast. Avery and Kaitlyn would both try and wake up before each other and, if you were unlucky enough to be the second one to wake up, then you might find that your pillows had “magically” disappeared or that all your right shoes had “mysteriously” found their way into the laundry. At the breakfast table, if you turned around to get the milk, you would return to your breakfast bowl, only to find that it had been replaced by a bowl of cat food or a plate of spinach. The evenings were worse. Avery would spend hours bribing Kaitlyn to get her to help practice sawing her in half, while Kaitlyn would regularly try and convince the family that she had replaced their pet cat, Shadow, with their pet dog, Bluey, by trying​g to get shadow to sit or roll over. Tired of the sibling’s relentless arguing, their parents established a ‘One Trick Each a Night’ rule. Simply put, Avery and Kaitlyn would have to help each other with one trick each a night, no exceptions. This meant they would have to make their tricks count.

On the first night, Kaitlyn had Avery take the role of audience member while she practiced her Disappearing Coin trick. Avery knew very well how this trick was done, and he couldn’t let Kaitlyn think that she was the only one who could make things disappear, so he asked her to take part in his Disappearing Card trick. The two of them then returned to their own bedrooms to complete more study and practice. By the third night, Kaitlyn had Avery take a more interactive role while she made Avery hold the coin in his open palm before making it disappear. Avery would have almost been impressed if he hadn’t then shown Kaitlyn how he could make a plate disappear while it was on the table in front of her. Again, the two of them returned to their rooms for more study and more practice.

By the seventh night, Avery was surprised to find that Kaitlyn was going to be using Shadow for her practice trick. If she could perform this trick, then he was going to have to change his plans for tonight very quickly. After a few minutes of an overdramatic tale of how Shadow had meowed one too many times and needed to be “banished”, Kaitlyn threw the sheet over Shadow, waved her wand, said the magic words, Saladu Saladim, and lifted the sheet. Shadow was gone. Avery had a moment where he struggled to hide his shock. Not only at the fact that Shadow was now walking around the corner and back into Kaitlyn’s bedroom, but also at the fact that he now had to change his whole “Disappearing Fruit Bowl” Trick.

Now is his bedroom, Avery nervously prepared for his trick while quickly running through the changes he had made in his mind.
Kaitlyn let out a chuckle as Avery was getting a large bedsheet ready. “What’s your trick, tonight? The Dissapearing Homework? Oh, let me guess! We find it in the dog bowl!”
“Very funny,” Avery replied. “Tonight, I am going to need your help to perform The Case of the Vanishing Sister.”
Kaitlyn’s smile quickly dissapeared.
Avery tried to make light of the situation. “Don’t panic, it’ll be fine,” he said.

Kaitlyn still appeared unimpressed as Avery told her to close her eyes while throwing the sheet over her head, covering her body. He picked up his magic wand and quickly skipped a few chapters of his magic book to follow as he performed his trick. He was shaking as he held the wand above her head, even closing his eyes tightly shut for a moment while saying the magic words, Simsala Bim! He opened his eyes, and, to his own astonishment, Kaitlyn had gone. Vanished. He chuckled to himself for a moment in disbelief but his pride was quickly replaced with panic. He looked around his room before calling out, “Kaitlyn? Where are you, Kaitlyn? Trick’s over now.”

Avery jumped as someone knocked on his bedroom door. He opened it up and was relieved to see Kaitlyn standing there, safe and unharmed.
“Where did you go?” Avery asked excitedly.
“I can’t even describe to you the adventures I’ve had. All I know is that I ended up back here after what felt like a lifetime.”
“Wow.” Said Avery. “I can’t believe it actually worked.”
“I don’t think we should mess with that trick too much,” suggested Kaitlyn.
“Agreed. Let’s put it to rest.”

Lying in bed smiling that night, Kaitlyn waited for her brother to go to sleep before getting up, opening her closet and resetting the trapdoor between her brother’s room and her own. Letting her brother think he was the greatest magician in the world would be the greatest trick she would ever pull.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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