#30 – The Tale of Two Rodents

Once upon a time, in a cage which was the envy of rodents everywhere, lived two sneaky rats called Rocky and Tazzy. During the day, Rocky and Tazzy appeared to be two ordinary rodents, scooting up ramps, running in their wheel, twitching their whiskers and putting their paws against their metal cage when their owners... Continue Reading →

#29 – The Tale of the Stork and the Waterfall Troll

Once upon a time, there lived a troll named Eigor, whose purpose was to protect the waterfall where he had lived his whole life. In fact, all manner of creatures had met their match when they dared to try and disrupt the good order of the waterfall and Eigor was proud to call this waterfall... Continue Reading →

#28 – The Tale of Night-Vision Jackson

Jackson had done his research and concluded that the entire concept of a vegetable was extremely distasteful. The idea they came from dirt, the fact that you have to wash them, present them nicely, peel them, boil them, bake them, put sauce on them… his list went on. His parents had tried everything they could... Continue Reading →

#27 – The Tale of the Heart of a Spider

Once upon a time, in a wall far from where you live, a colony of ants were completing their daily duties. Some were gathering food while others were maintaining the nest or speaking with their Queen. Day in and day out, the ants were so preoccupied with their duties, that most of them failed to... Continue Reading →

#26 – The Tale of Dragor, Protector of the Sky!

Once upon a time, there was a dragon who was so strong and furious that he was known as Dragor, Protector of the Sky! Dragor kept the sky safe from all of the nasty villains trying to invade his village, but, unfortunately, he couldn’t control his fiery breath very well. In fact, every time he... Continue Reading →

#25 – The Tale of a Goldfish and Three Hoops

Once upon a time, in a fish tank not too far away, there was a Goldfish named Shafita. His owners didn’t know that he was called Shafita, so, when they brought​ him home, they called him Comet. But, Comet didn’t know that his name was now “Comet”. For some time, Comet had thought that the... Continue Reading →

#24 – The Tale of a Feather

Feather was never in search of anything, but adventure always seemed to find her. She couldn’t remember where she had come from, only that she had been around for what had felt like a very, very long time. As far back as she could remember, the feather had been floating, not floating, then floating again,... Continue Reading →

#23 – The Tale of the Gnome and the Eagle

Once upon a time, at 52 Willowtree Place, amongst the plants and water features, there lived a garden gnome named Gobbi. Gobbi’ was the protector of the garden in which he lived. Though, in reality, it was Gobbi and his family’s job to keep the garden safe but they never really did anything to help... Continue Reading →

#22 – The Tale of Dean and The Problem-Solving Machine

Once upon a time, in a town where everyone had a problem or two, there was a boy named Dean who loved building new and fanciful machines. He would see a problem that needed solving, and he would start planning and drawing a new machine to solve this problem once and for all. He would... Continue Reading →

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