#70 – The Tale of Beckett and The Chef’s Special

Once upon a time, in a restaurant, you have definitely seen, but never eaten in, a young boy named Beckett was sitting down to dinner with his two sisters and his mother. It was Beckett’s eighth birthday, and, as a special treat, his mother decided to take him and his family out to a place... Continue Reading →

#68 – The Tale of Benjamin and Shadow

Once upon a time, a young boy named Benjamin was bored and looking for someone to play with. He didn't have any brothers or sisters and, when he approached his parents to play with him, they would tell him to go outside and find something to do by himself. Benjamin wandered around his backyard for... Continue Reading →

#66 – The Tale of Jemma: The Amazing Hypnotist – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 by clicking here! Following the predictable groans from the students, Rose came to the front of the class and took her seat. Jemma repeated her speech, and Rose agreed to be hypnotised. Jemma unravelled the chain to her grandfather’s stopwatch and started telling Rose that... Continue Reading →

#65 – The Tale of Jemma: The Amazing Hypnotist – Part 1 of 2

Once upon a time, in a world where children occasionally woke up not wanting to go to school, Jemma Fitzgibbon woke up feeling rather excited about the day ahead of her. She smiled and sang as she packed her bag for school and she skipped from her bedroom to the kitchen as she cheerfully poured... Continue Reading →

#64 – A Tale on the Art of Gifts

Once upon a time, in a world where people enjoyed giving and receiving presents, a boy was sitting in his room feeling very upset. He couldn’t quite understand the concept of gifts, and was worried that the ones he had prepared for an upcoming family celebration weren’t any good. Luckily, his grandmother was there to... Continue Reading →

#62 – The Tale of Lucas and the Fairy – Part 2 of 2

Once upon a time, a rather nasty young boy named Lucas Fitzgibbon had rescued, then re-trapped a fairy in a jar. To make freeing her worth his while, the fairy had agreed to grant Lucas three wishes. Except we're just not sure if she actually has the power to grant wishes at all... You can... Continue Reading →

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