#42 – The Tale of a Fly on the Wall

Once upon a time, in a typical bedroom with four walls, a bed and a ceiling fan, there was a fly. Although he had no home, the fly knew he did not live in the bedroom. He had found himself trapped in there by accident one morning while trying to find his way back outside. The whole ordeal happened quite quickly; one minute, he was attempting to track down the source of a delicious smell, the next he was flying around the bedroom at the end of the house, unable to find a way out. Our tale begins with the fly resting on the window of the bedroom, attempting to figure out his plan of escape.

From flying into bins and back out again, and flying around BBQs and picnics, the fly had been on many adventures and experienced many strange and wonderful things. But nothing had ever been more baffling to him than a window. The fly had entered the bedroom, seen a very obvious exit and attempted to fly out, only to be stopped by the invisible force field on which he now sat. Every now and again, the fly would get extremely frustrated and begin to angrily buzz against the glass in a futile attempt to find a weakness in the window. Then, after a 30 second rest, he would try again. After going through this cycle of frustration and rest 18 times, the fly decided to move to higher ground to figure out his options.

Now on top of one of the blades of the ceiling fan, the fly could take some time to assess his surroundings. He stared at the door which he had flown through in the first place. It was now tightly shut with no obvious way out. He moved his gaze over to the doors of the in-built cupboards and realized these offered no immediate solutions to his problems, either. Then he turned and could see the window which still looked as though it should be the best place to escape. Looking at the window for too long only caused the fly more frustration so he continued looking around the room. There were more walls and then some dark blue curtains. In front of the curtains was a wooden bed and he noticed two humans resting peacefully underneath the covers and a dog sleeping on the floor. The fly had always thought humans were friendly as they were always leaving all types of food out for him to enjoy. Perhaps, he thought, if I try and wake the humans up, then they might be able to help me find my escape from the room. This turned out to be grave mistake.

He launched off from the blade of the fan and landed at the top of the curtain. He marched his way down towards the humans, calling out as he went but they didn’t seem to be able to hear him. Eventually, he thought it best just to try and tap their faces gently to get their attention. Still calling out, he flew over to the first human and landed on his nose. Almost at the same time, the fly noticed a hand coming towards him so he quickly flew back on to the curtains, causing the human to hit himself in the nose. He flew down towards the bed and, trying to keep his distance this time, gently buzzed in front of the second human’s face while calling out for help. Again, he noticed a hand quickly creeping up behind him and, again, he attempted to fly back to the curtain, but this time he was too slow. The hand managed to hit the fly, sending him off course and down towards the floor, right into the path of the dog.

Still trying to get his sense of direction after being whacked through the air, the fly looked down and realized that he had landed on the dog’s back. The dog was now staring right at him and there was a stand-off for a moment before the fly thought he would try and make his way back up to the fan. The fly was still in a daze and didn’t quite make the height that he wanted, so the dog took this opportunity to snap at him. The fly couldn’t decide whether the dog was playing or was genuinely hungry. Either way, he knew he had to get out of there. His lack of energy meant that he had to fly quite low to the ground, and the dog was now up and chasing him around the bedroom. This was now a matter of survival and the fly buzzed in loops and twists and turns as the dog ran after him, snapping whenever he had the chance but, luckily, always missing. All this fuss seemed to get the attention of the humans as they, too, were now awake and shooing the dog out of the door. The door! The fly mustered what strength he had and shot off towards the open door. The door snapped shut just as he was about to make his great escape and the fly now sat on the wall just above the door.

As the room became calm again, the fly buzzed his way back up and on to the window. Looking out, he could see the trees and plants swaying in the wind. The sky was blue and he longed to be outside with the other flies, finding BBQs and picnics to share with them. He was so lost in this thought that he didn’t notice the door behind him open and close again. The fly heard a high-pitched sound and was all of a sudden covered in a misty substance. He immediately felt very sick and lost the ability to continue to hang on to the window. He fell on to the ground and tried to fly away, but could only buzz on the floor. He wasn’t sure which way he was going, but, when he stopped panicking for just a moment, he realized he was now upside down, tired and not feeling very well at all. Flies do not give up, he thought and used what energy he had to assess his surroundings once more.

In front of him, he could see a beam of light shining through the bottom of the door. This gave him hope, and he flipped himself back over and managed to crawl out and under the gap between the door and the floor. For what seemed like a very long time, the fly rested on the other side of the bedroom door until he felt as though he had the strength to fly down the hallway of the house. Without hesitation, he continued to fly through the kitchen and straight out through the front door where had entered earlier that morning, the warmth of the sun hitting his body as he flew out in search of another delicious smell.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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      1. I think what unfairly goes against them is colour and the amount of legs. Which is as cruel as a child being picked out for glasses and mouth braces by other children. And the fear is always irrational.

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