#44 – The Tale of Prince Edward Markus Gregory the IV

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich and very handsome Prince by the name of Prince Edward Markus Gregory the IV, or, Prince Eddie for short. Prince Eddie was an extremely noble and very popular Prince, as he had saved the people of Gofshire many times from all manner of dragons and various villains that had wanted to destroy his kingdom. Of course, they all wanted the same thing: The Royal Ruby, said to harness one thousand times the power of the strongest magician in the Kingdom. Therfore, Prince Eddie would do anything to protect The Royal Ruby from being stolen. That is, if he wasn’t trapped inside of a frog’s body.

Yes, it’s true. Prince Eddie had set out vigilantly one night as he had heard that the Wicked Wizard of Wilshire was coming to attempt to steal The Royal Ruby. However, Prince Eddie should’ve known better and, as it turns out, he fell right into a trap and was ambushed by not one, but four amazingly powerful wizards. He fought with grace and honour, but, in the end, their magic was too great for him to fight against alone and Prince Eddie had been turned into a frog. He was trying to find his way back to his castle to assist with the battle which would surely be taking place right now.

It had taken him a while to get used to moving around by jumping as opposed to walking, but he now felt much more confident in using his newly acquired skill to make some distance towards his castle. He jumped onwards, mile after mile, not letting his sore, tiny muscles deter him from his quest. After many minutes, Prince Eddie realized that he was becoming hungry, but that he did not feel like his usual meal of turkey with roasted vegetables. Instead, he had discovered that he was hungry for something that he would have previously found a little less appetizing: Flies.

Up ahead, Prince Eddie noticed some water and he sat on the bank for a moment to catch his breath. There were three flies buzzing on some leaves near where he was sitting and, just as he was about to give in to his temptation he heard some fighting happening in the distance. He looked up and realized that he was sitting at the bank of the moat to his castle. Prince Eddie knew that he must try and make it to his castle as quickly as possible, so, without thinking, he jumped into the water to attempt to cross to the other side. However, Prince Eddie had not yet developed the skills of being able to swim in his frog body and was struggling to keep his head above the water. Just then, he felt a nudge on either side of his body, and two other frogs swam up beside him to assist Prince Eddie to the other side.

Once there, Prince Eddie attempted to explain his situation to his two new companions, trying to stress the importance of making it to the top of the castle in order to protect The Royal Ruby. Although he did not speak frog all that well, he must have made a point, as the two frogs continued jumping with him towards the castle. The three friends found it easy to jump their way to the top floor without being noticed while fighting went on around them and, once they were there, they could see the four wizards casting spells on the Knights of Gofshire while The Royal Ruby shone brightly in the middle of the room. As the wizards used their magic to freeze the last of the knights, the three frogs leapt towards the Royal Ruby, managing to touch it just before the magicians could get their hands on it.

Immediately, a bright light shot out from The Royal Ruby, momentarily blinding the wizards. When they came out of their daze, they saw three brave princes standing in front of them: The Prince of Topshire, The Prince of Fulshire and Edward Markus Gregory the IV, The Prince of Gofshire. The three princes drew their swords and faced the wizards. Laughing, the wizards began to summon a spell which looked set to destroy much of the castle but, just as they were about to complete the spell, they could hear the sound of a hundred frogs croaking behind them. The wizards immediately stopped casting their spell and turned around slowly.

At the end of the corridor, was a sea of frogs, looking angrily at the wizards in front of them. As if on cue, the frogs began jumping towards the wizards and the wizards made a very quick, and very smart, decision to summon their broomsticks and fly out of the nearest window. The knights of the castle who had fought bravely became unfrozen and, after a moment of silence, the frogs, the knights and the princes all celebrated their defeat of the wizards.

One by one, the frogs jumped up and touched The Royal Ruby, each one becoming the very rich and very handsome prince they once were and peace was restored to all kingdoms, everywhere. For now, anyway…


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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