#46 – The Tale of Micro Max and The Greedy Three

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Once upon a time, there lived a very tiny and very strong, young boy named Micro Max. Now, you might be thinking that Micro Max was called Micro Max because he was very small. And you would be correct. In fact, Micro Max was so incredibly small that he could have used a mouse hole in the wall as the entrance to his home if he wanted to. He just didn’t want to, because he already had a home. In fact, he lived out of his ‘headquarters’, or HQ for short, which was made out of wooden toy blocks (just don’t tell him that, otherwise, he will shoot you down with custom-made laser gun).

Micro Max had saved the world at least 15 time over the past week and was taking a well-deserved break by a beautiful lake, just a short one-minute drive from where he lived. Of course, this was an all-expenses paid trip, paid for by the biggest governments in the world for thanking Micro Max for all that he did. Which was a lot.

Now, Micro Max was no fool, and he knew that Evil didn’t take a holiday, so, even though it LOOKED as though he was resting on a towel next to the lake while drinking a lemon cordial, he was actually spying on the notorious gang, known as The Greedy Three. Micro Max had heard reports that The Greedy Three had been plotting to steal the treasure from the bottom of the lake during the past week and, despite the addition of a state-of-the-art electric security fence being placed over the top, The Greedy Three still managed to find their way under the lake and get away with another piece of treasure every now and again. Today, however, they would meet their match if Micro Max had anything to do with it… Which he did.

At 12:04pm, The Greedy Three landed by the lake, each of them in their own stealth plane made out of a futuristic, feathered material. Sneaky, he thought. This must be how they make their quick getaway. The three evil-doers circled the lake once, their dark eyes darting backward and forward searching for a weak spot in the fence to get the treasure. One gang member jumped up on the security fence and was not shocked by the electricity at all. Shock-proof claw-boots. I should have known, he thought.

Now that Micro Max had more of an idea of the level of evil he was dealing with, it was time to make his move. He went over to the edge of the lake where, earlier, he had placed three robotic bees which he had programmed to strike on command. He dragged them into position on top of the security fence and proceeded to walk across the edges of the fence, towards The Greedy Three.

“It is me you want!” Micro Max yelled, and the gang quickly stopped looking for gold and turned their gazes towards him. The other two gang members hopped up on the fence, a move Micro Mac had easily predicted.
“Robot Bees, attack!” yelled Micro Max.
“Robot Bees… attack!” he repeated.
Still nothing.
The Greedy Three started walking slowly towards Micro Max, unfazed by the electric fence underneath them due to their shock-proof boots.

Micro Max started to run back towards the edge of the lake, dashing along the various edges of the fence while The Greedy Three chased after him. One of the gang members was so focussed on catching Micro-Max that he couldn’t see the Robot Bee in front of him. He accidentally stood on it and yelled out in shock, immediately engaging his stealth plane and flying away in fear. The remaining two gang members looked at Micro Max for a moment before slowly taking a step towards him. Micro Max grabbed one of his robot bees and held it out in front of himself.
“I wouldn’t move one step closer!” he yelled.
The two remaining Greedy Three gang members looked at one another before taking his advice and flying off in their stealth flying machines and into the distance.

Micro Max disappointingly threw his broken robot bees back into the water before putting his sunglasses back on and lying back down on his miniature towel. He took a rare moment to enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves lapping against the shores of the lake, knowing that evil can strike at any time, and that he would always have to be ready for action…

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My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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