#47 – The Tale of the Light of a Firework

Once upon a time, on a boat in the middle of a very calm river which separated two sides of the same city, there lived a firework. She had been placed on the boat earlier that day, her carer being as careful with her as he had been with any living thing. It was still daytime, and the firework knew that she needed to stay home until the sun had gone, and she could see the moon.

She spent some time enjoying the feeling of the boat lifting and then dropping ever so slightly while listening to the sounds of the small waves knocking underneath her. Her eagerness to get into the sky grew as she watched the clouds drift slowly above her. They look so free and peaceful up there, she thought. Occasionally, her thoughts were broken by someone on the boat yelling or by the engine of the boat starting and it would take her a moment to focus again on the urge to be amongst the clouds.

After several hours, the sky started to change colours, firstly from blue to purple, then purple to yellow and, gradually, from yellow to orange. The changes in the sky’s hue brought the firework an incredible amount of delight, and she was filled with excitement watching the silhouettes of flocks of birds flying against the backdrop of an ever-changing sky. Although the firework had never experienced what it was like to be in the sky, she imagined it to be one of the most memorable feelings a creature could have.

Soon, the light of day gave way to the dark of night, and the firework could feel her own anticipation growing along with the noises of the crowds gathering on the banks of the river. Towards one side of the sky, the firework could see a hint of the moon, as its calming light bounced off of the clouds and on to the ripples of the water below. The sounds of the people on the boat had ceased for a while, but now they had returned; politely directing one another as the firework started to sense that something big was going to happen at any moment.

One of the workers on the boat came over to the firework and stood above her. In his hand, she could see a light of some kind. Her heart started to race as he lent down and lit the wick which hung beneath her. Small sparks started to make their way up the wick and, before she knew it, she had been shot up into the air.

It was a glorious feeling to be looking down on to the boat, seeing the shimmering moonlight on the waves below. The firework moved through the cool air with a smile on her face as she looked down below. Some of the crowds followed her with their eyes, while others were getting the attention of those around them and pointing in her direction. She turned her gaze upwards and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of freedom flying through the air brought with it.

She wanted to share this feeling with everyone and show that she was grateful for everything she had experienced. As her speed started to slow, she turned back to the crowd and shone a thousand different lights in their direction, the crowds’ faces bringing her joy as they lit up with smiles and cheers. Now content, she closed her eyes and knew that her job was done.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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  1. “Occasionally, her thoughts were broken by someone on the boat yelling or by the engine of the boat starting and it would take her a moment to focus again on the urge to be amongst the clouds.” relatable, I love this.

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