#62 – The Tale of Lucas and the Fairy – Part 2 of 2

Once upon a time, a rather nasty young boy named Lucas Fitzgibbon had rescued, then re-trapped a fairy in a jar. To make freeing her worth his while, the fairy had agreed to grant Lucas three wishes. Except we're just not sure if she actually has the power to grant wishes at all... You can... Continue Reading →

#61 – The Tale of Lucas and the Fairy – Part 1 of 2

Once upon a time, in a backyard that was tended to as regularly as you tend to your own, there was a boy named Lucas who wasn’t having much luck catching small insects to put in a jar for his show-and-tell at school the next day. After gently picking up his eighth ant and putting... Continue Reading →

#59 – The Tale of Three Early Birds

Once upon a time, in a tree tall enough for a tiny nest, there were three baby birds, Lilly, Milly and Tilly, who had woken up and were waiting impatiently for their breakfast. The three baby chicks were unique in the following ways: Lilly couldn’t hear, Milly couldn’t see and Tilly couldn’t speak. So, although... Continue Reading →

#58 – A Tale on How to Make Friends

Once upon a time, in a world where friends and friendship were highly valued, there lived a young boy named Daniel who struggled to make friends of his own. His parents had tried to get him to play outside with the kids from the neighbourhood, but this usually ended with Daniel choosing to sit alone... Continue Reading →

#57 – The Tale of Jasmine’s Rules

Once upon a time, in a world with rules that everyone was expected to follow, there lived a young girl by the name of Jasmine. To the untrained eyed, it looked as though Jasmine didn’t have that many friends. But, this wasn’t true. She did have friends, she just didn’t understand how to play any of... Continue Reading →

#55 – The Tale of Kayla and The Boulder Monkeys

Once upon a time, in a jungle you have already read about in one of your picture books, there was an enormous rock known as The Boulder. In the trees and caves around The Boulder, lived a troop of monkeys and most of them were satisfied with the lives they had made for themselves. There... Continue Reading →

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