#102 – The Tale of a Crash Landing

Once upon a time, somewhere near the brightest star you could see in the sky, Alien Jim was flying his brand-new spaceship that his parents had bought him as a gift for having recently graduated from Dark Matter College. They had bought him the latest SpaceMaster 4000 and, as he Zig-Zagged his way between 14... Continue Reading →

#101 – The Tale of 4,126 Favourite Things

Once upon a time, at a dinner table designed for a family of six, the four members of the Bowen family, Pat, David, Ben and Xander, were sitting down to enjoy the chicken roast David had prepared earlier. The Bowen family had established a ritual many months ago where they would eat their dinner and... Continue Reading →

#100 – The Tale of a Broken Heart

Once upon a time, a caring and empathetic heart had been given the job of working inside an extremely lucky body. The heart performed her role with considerable care and dedication, eventually finding a great friend inside the body. Known only as the mind, the two of them created a strong bond from the day... Continue Reading →

#98 – The Tale of Douglas The World’s Greatest Ninja

Once upon a time, the world’s most famous ninja, Douglas McCarthy, an eight-year-old boy from the small town of Greenvale, was getting ready to go to sleep. At least, that’s what his parents thought, anyway. Such was the versatility of his ninja skills; he was able to convince his parents that he was doing one... Continue Reading →

#97 – The Tale of Two Chess Players – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read part one by clicking here! It was a video game. Twelve video games, actually. Eleven of which the boys didn’t care about and one of which was chess. Daniel’s father had been kind enough to lend it to Charlie so that he could prepare for what Daniel... Continue Reading →

#96 – The Tale of Two Chess Players – Part 1 of 2

Once upon a time, when thinking ahead was considered a thoughtful idea, three friends, Charlie, Daniel and Michael were playing a card game in the Greenvale School’s library. They were discussing the chess tournament that had just been announced via several well-positioned posters in their school. Although only Charlie had a genuine chance of winning... Continue Reading →

#95 – The Tale of Little Cloud Sally

Once upon a time, in a world where being happy should have happened with ease, there lived a six-year-old girl named Sally Parker. Sally was mostly just like the other boys and girls she played with. However there was one significant difference separating her from her friends, and that was the tiny cloud that followed... Continue Reading →

#94 – The Tale of How to Crack a Walnut

Once upon a time, in a very lively forest, a squirrel was attempting to crack open a walnut by pushing it down a small hill and letting it hit the boulders below. This, of course, was not working, so Squirrel was starting to worry that he would have to eat from his stockpile of easy-to-access... Continue Reading →

#93 – The Tale of Jessica’s Little Book of Questions​

Once upon a time, in a world where asking the right questions at the wrong time could get you into trouble, a young girl named Jessica Marsh was questioning her parents about why bears have hair under their arms. If it was to keep the bear warm, she reasoned, then why would they need hair... Continue Reading →

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