#72 – The Tale of Daisy the Rubber Ducky

Once upon a time, a rubber ducky named Daisy was sitting on the edge of a bathtub, thinking about what it meant to live life as a bath toy, and whether or not she was truly happy. Daisy had many fond memories of her first weeks in the bathtub with her human owner, they would play together for a very long time, with Daisy being a superhero of sorts, always saving the toy boat from sinking, or towing the dinosaurs safely through a mountain of bubbles. However, Daisy was becoming tired of being told what to play and how to play each and every night, and had made the decision to head out into the outside world and try and live life as a free duck.

Her plan unfolded one morning when the human of the house had left for the day. Daisy called out to the pet cat, who begrudgingly entered the bathroom and strutted about as if she owned every tile that her paw touched before sitting down to face Daisy. Once Daisy had finished explaining her wish to become a real duck, the cat merely stared at her, shook her head before standing up and, with a flick of her tale, waltzed her way out of the bathroom to continue whatever important work was she was doing before interrupted.

As a result of her first plan failing, Daisy found herself in the undesirable position of having to call on the household’s dog, Bluey, to provide advice and, perhaps, assist her in her quest to live a freer life. Once called, the dog entered with slightly too much gusto and managed to complete three laps of the bathroom in as many seconds before coming to rest with his face directly in front of Daisy’s. Daisy patiently asked the dog to place his tongue back in his mouth before taking her time to explain her desire to become a free duck and asking Bluey if he would be willing to help her make her dreams a reality.

Having not completely understood everything Daisy had explained to him, but always being keen for a new adventure, Bluey stood up, moved closer to her and waited for further instructions. Daisy took her time explaining that she would like it if Bluey could walk her down to the river. Bluey was not as well educated as the cat, but if there was one word he knew, it was “walk”. So, upon hearing the word, Bluey softly picked Daisy up into his saliva-ridden mouth, ran out of the doggy door, snuck out under the hole under the fence he had been working on for the past few months and trotted on down the road.

Three or four minutes passed and Daisy was very glad when Bluey finally placed her drenched body down by the banks of the river. She didn’t see the need to wipe herself dry, as she would soon be free to be able to wash herself in the fresh, clear water that was untouched by bubble bath or a day’s worth of grime. Daisy said her goodbyes and asked Bluey to give her one last push into the water so that she may begin to enjoy her new-found freedom.

Bluey jumped up and nudged Daisy into the water. Daisy continued to wish Bluey all the best as she floated out further and further away from the river bank. She was about to learn, however, that freedom was not as enjoyable as she had first imagined and was, in fact, actually quite scary. Having only plastic wings moulded to the sides of her plastic body, Daisy discovered that she was unable to control where she went and was heading straight for the rapids downstream. This caused a gradual rise in panic Daisy was not used to feeling, having spent a vast majority of her life in the comfort of a small, ceramic bath.

Daisy made the decision that it might be best to wait a while longer to become a real duck and called as loud as she could for Bluey to come and rescue her. Ever the obedient pet, Bluey dove into the river, took Daisy back into his mouth and placed her back on to the river bank. Daisy attempted to explain to Bluey that freedom was a very complicated thing and that, for today, she would prefer to just head home. Again, Bluey struggled with some of the words Daisy was using, but “home” was certainly one that he recognised. He immediately carried Daisy down the road, under the fence, back through the doggy door and placed her gently on the edge of the ceramic bath where, for the first time in a long time, she sat and waited eagerly waited for that evening’s bath time to begin.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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