#98 – The Tale of Douglas The World’s Greatest Ninja

Once upon a time, the world’s most famous ninja, Douglas McCarthy, an eight-year-old boy from the small town of Greenvale, was getting ready to go to sleep. At least, that’s what his parents thought, anyway. Such was the versatility of his ninja skills; he was able to convince his parents that he was doing one thing, while, in reality, Douglas was in his cupboard getting dressed into his all-black ninja outfit. This was his favourite part of the evening, as there was something about the smell and feel of the ninja outfit that provided him with the energy he needed to make it through the night and fight to prevent evil from reigning across the globe. He felt privileged to wear the all-black ninja outfit bestowed upon him by the great ninja masters before him. Tonight, his mission was to prevent the theft of one of the most treasured and sought-after items known to mankind: The chocolate mud cake in the kitchen fridge.

Douglas the Ninja had been informed that the vile Bradley McEvil was planning to break into the fridge at approximately eight-thirty pm this evening with the intention of taking the mud cake for himself. HQ (which, in case you didn’t know, is short for Head Quarters) got in contact with Douglas the Ninja using the tried and tested method of tying a note to the collar of the household cat, Luna, who slept next to Douglas the Ninja’s bed every night. This had been the preferred method of communication from HQ since the old process of writing secret memos on his bedroom window had to be stopped when his parents began washing away the codes before Douglas the Ninja even had a chance to view the highly confidential messages. Not to mention that this also resulted in Douglas the Ninja being confined to his lair for several hours the following day with no way of receiving the missions he was to accomplish.

Tonight, however, the message had been received loud and clear. As Luna walked into the room, Douglas the Ninja removed the note and whispered its message to himself:

Bradley McEvil. Cake. Fridge. Half-Past Eight. Must be Stopped.

Douglas turned out his nightlight, waited for his parents to retire to their own lairs and waited patiently for his digital clock to read twenty-five past eight before making his move.

The squeaky door was always the first hurdle Douglas the Ninja had to overcome on his way out of his lair, but, if there was one thing his training had taught him, it was that he could manage any situation provided he had the right amount of determination, focus and patience. Having done this numerous times before, Douglas the Ninja knew that he could make the wolf outside his lair howl in despair by using a flashlight and shining a beam of light outside for him to chase. He switched on his flashlight and, right on cue, the wolf howled loud enough for Douglas the Ninja to open his door without the squeak being heard throughout the rest of the house.

Douglas the Ninja stealthy made his way down the hallway and slid behind a door halfway between his lair and the kitchen, knowing that his father was going to wake up to assess the situation and determine what the fuss outside was all about. This is where Douglas the Ninja’s black outfit worked its magic, camouflaging him amongst the darkness of the shadows. His father passed him without knowing it and, once he had determined there was nothing to be concerned about, walked past him yet again on his way back to his lair.

Douglas the Ninja silently pressed on down the hallway, making his way to the kitchen at twenty-nine past eight. In one swift motion, Douglas the Ninja entered the cupboard and watched and waited for Bradley McEvil to make the next move.

At precisely thirteen minutes to nine, Bradley McEvil’s large, slow-moving body made its way around the corner of the hallway and towards the fridge doors. Douglas the Ninja controlled his ego from creating too much pride in his ability to always be one step ahead of the evil doers and concentrated on making his next move. Bradley McEvil triggered a beam of light by opening the fridge door, providing enough light for Douglas the Ninja to jump out of the cupboard, catching Bradley McEvil so off guard that he dropped the cake on the kitchen bench. This resulted in such a commotion, that Bradley McEvil retreated down the hallway to try and outrun Douglas the Ninja, only to be confronted by his father, who promptly banished him into his lair for what most would consider a very long time.

When the night was quiet again, Douglas the Ninja came out from his hiding place without making a sound. He made his way to the kitchen bench, admiring the bounty left behind in Bradley McEvil’s haste to escape the threat posed by the world’s greatest ninja.

Calmly, confidently and, in his signature stealth-like manner, Douglas the Ninja took the treasure back to his lair and reported back to HQ that he had completed yet another successful mission.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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