#102 – The Tale of a Crash Landing

Once upon a time, somewhere near the brightest star you could see in the sky, Alien Jim was flying his brand-new spaceship that his parents had bought him as a gift for having recently graduated from Dark Matter College. They had bought him the latest SpaceMaster 4000 and, as he Zig-Zagged his way between 14 asteroids in record time, Alien Jim’s friends watched on with excitement, cheering and making loud alien noises as he zoomed past them at incredible speeds. Unfortunately for Alien Jim, Dark Matter College only had SpaceMaster 3000s to practice on, so, when it came time for him to slow his new spaceship down, he had no idea where the breaks were located. He sped passed his friends and, unable to stop, continued travelling away from them until his spaceship was just another shiny object in the distant night sky. Alien Jim was trying all sorts of methods to get his spaceship to slow down, but none of them were working. Distracted while attempting to use the voice activation system, Alien Jim did not see the massive, blue planet directly in his path. By the time he looked out of the main window of the spaceship, it was too late for him to steer the SpaceMaster 4000 out of the way and he crashed right into a planet he would later come to know as Planet Earth.

Although Alien Jim was unharmed, his new spaceship was in pieces, and he now had no obvious way of getting home. Unable to see through the broken windows and knowing that he wouldn’t be rescued for some time, he had to make a decision about what to do next. He opened the emergency hatch in the roof of his spaceship, stuck his head out and assessed his surroundings.

Several lifeforms had gathered around his spaceship and were staring at him. The first thing he noticed was their size and shape. They were smaller creatures with one head, two legs and two arms. They moved by standing on two feet, and their eyes were significantly smaller than his own. He wasn’t sure if their mouths were always meant to be so far open, but perhaps that was just one of the many oddities you could come across in space.

If Dark Matter College had taught him anything, it was that you were not to panic in these situations and that you had to attempt to let any new life forms you meet know that you were friendly by communicating that you ‘come in peace’. Unfortunately, Alien Jim hadn’t paid enough attention during the rest of that class and decided to do this by using his home planet’s traditional greeting of screeching as loudly as possible.

Alien Jim was disappointed to find this caused most of the life forms to run away from him at incredible speeds. Worried, upset and confused, he sat on the edge of his spaceship and began sobbing. He lifted his grey head from his hands when he noticed that one of the smaller lifeforms had stayed behind. This lifeform’s mouth was closed and curved upwards in a way that made Alien Jim feel a little better about his situation. Using a gesture, the lifeform encouraged Alien Jim to come down from his spaceship and join him on the ground. Hesitantly, Alien Jim made his way down the side of his spaceship and the lifeform presented him with a colourful gift he had picked out of the ground. Alien Jim accepted the gift and immediately realised how peaceful greetings were meant to be done on this planet. “Welcome to Earth,” the small lifeform said in a calming voice. Alien Jim didn’t attend as many of his languages classes at Dark Matter College as he should. However, his feelings let him know that what was said was warm and welcoming.

Just as Alien Jim was about to return the favour by giving his new friend one of the colourful presents, a beam of light shone down directly on top of him. He looked up and was almost disappointed to see that his rescue ship was here to pick up both him and his now destroyed SpaceMaster 4000. The lifeform looked up at Alien Jim and shook his head, signalling that he didn’t want his alien friend to go. Suddenly, the lifeform ran towards Alien Jim, tightly wrapping his arms around his waist. Alien Jim panicked and tried to remove the lifeform’s hands before being beamed up to the rescue ship, but he couldn’t manage it in time. As the doors to the rescue ship closed, Alien Jim looked down, worried that he was about to make another terrible mistake by allowing his new friend come with him.

With the SpaceMaster 4000 attached, the rescue ship shot off into space, leaving behind a field of gifts and many scared lifeforms, all with an unbelievable tale to tell.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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