#129 – The Wise Tale of Koby the Koala

Once upon a time, in the tallest eucalyptus tree in the forest, a very humble koala named Koby was dozing in the summer sun. The forest animals considered Koby to be the wisest of all the animals, because, no matter their problems, they could always approach Koby and he would take the time to listen... Continue Reading →

#128 – The Tale of Three Girls and a Treehouse – Part 2 of 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, YOU CAN READ PART 1 BY CLICKING HERE! The three girls were worried about seeing Veronica’s parents, so they stayed inside the treehouse and talked for as long as they could. Zoe noticed that, despite their best efforts, Veronica and Ellie couldn’t hide their suspicions that Zoe was up to no... Continue Reading →

#127 – The Tale of Three Girls and a Treehouse – Part 1 of 2

The treehouse looked older than they remembered, with the pinewood they had used for the floors and the walls now brown and slightly covered in moss. Only two of the four windows still had the blinds they had made and the ladder leading to the entrance now missing several of its steps. Two years ago,... Continue Reading →

#126 – The Tale of Matilda the Marionette

Once upon a time, in a world where being in control was important, a marionette named Matilda was sitting on top of a large, woven toy basket in Gretchen Oswald’s room. Matilda had been Gretchen’s puppet for the past five years and, between the two of them, they had entertained both small crowds in Gretchen’s... Continue Reading →

RECENT FEATURE: Guest Author at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Sue Vincent, owner and operator of the highly interactive and prolific blog The Daily Echo, recently invited me to contribute a piece to the Guest Author section of her website. Sue has been one of my most encouraging fellow bloggers since I began this project, so I swiftly obliged and it's an honour to be... Continue Reading →

#123 – The Tale of the Camera in the Attic

Once upon a time, a young girl named Alicia was cleaning out the attic with her grandmother. Alicia’s family were moving to a new house in a few weeks and they wanted to start getting their belongings packed up as early as possible to make the move easier. Her younger brother, Jack, and her father... Continue Reading →

#122 – The Tall Tale of Tony the Turtle

Once upon a time, in a rainforest buzzing with life, there lived a turtle named Tony who, although very kind and patient, was tired of watching all of the other animals in the rainforest live exciting lives. Every evening before going to bed, the animals would gather at the lake and take it in turns... Continue Reading →

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