#113 – The Tale of Lexie the Lion Cub

Once upon a time, in a world where change was hard to accept, a lion named Lexie lived in the jungle with her mother, Sabrina, and her brother, Loki. Lexie enjoyed living with her mother, as she would make sure that both her and Loki had enough time to practice wrestling each other, while making sure they learned the fundamentals of being a lion such as catching and eating food and, since they all loved having a nap, learning how to find the safest places to have a rest during the day. Although Lexie loved her mother very much, there were some things she didn’t like about staying there with her. There was always a lot of work to be done, and her mother was strict when it came to allowing Lexie to stray too far from the pride.

Lexie’s father, Fang, was known as the King of the Jungle and for good reason. He was extremely powerful and strong and, when Lexie came to stay with him, he was a lot more forgiving and would let Lexie do things that she wasn’t allowed to do otherwise when she was with her mother. Fang had more access to some of the secret places in the jungle and would often take Loki and Lexie to lookouts and waterholes that even the most famous of the jungle animals didn’t have access to. But, just like when Lexie and Loki stayed with their mother, there were also some things that they didn’t like when they were with their father. Being king meant that he had to work very hard and would often leave the two younger lions to be looked after by some of the monkeys who worked for him.

Lexie and Loki were much smarter than the monkeys and were able to trick them by distracting them with platters of fruit and sneaking away. The two cubs would head out into the jungle, confidently exploring new territory without caring too much about the consequences of their actions.

One day, while they were out exploring, Lexie and Loki strayed too far from their father’s den and, although Loki started to panic and call out for help, Lexie continued to tell Loki that she knew where they were going and not to panic. By the time it had become dark, however, it was obvious that the two young lions were lost, without any way of getting back to their den or knowing that they were being hunted by a very large panther.

As they made their way through jungle, Lexie asked herself: What would my mother do? This helped her remain calm and she remembered that her mother had patiently taught her how to use the moon to find her way home again should she ever become lost. With her brother standing as close as he could beside her, Sabrina looked up and realized they were headed in the wrong direction. Just as they turned around, the panther crept out of the dense jungle and stared at the two young lions with his dark, yellow eyes.

Lexie’s thoughts immediately switched to asking herself what her father would do. He would not show weakness and he would stand his ground, she thought. Despite the subtle nagging of her younger brother, Lexie took a step forward towards the panther. She encouraged her brother to do the same, and, without giving the panther another chance at thinking he had an easy meal, the two of them roared as loud as they could while slowly moving forward, watching as the panther slowly backed away and ran off into the jungle. The two young lions dashed through the jungle, Lexie leading the way using the moon to guide her safely back to her father’s den.

As they arrived home and were comforted by their worried father, Lexie realized that there was something special about spending time with both of their parents. She understood that she could learn as much from her father as she could from her mother and that there would be something to look forward to when she was with either of them.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

6 thoughts on “#113 – The Tale of Lexie the Lion Cub

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  1. An interesting look at what possibly be a broken marriage resulting in split custody. Though it looks like they have a pretty good structure like the parents are not like the ones I have seen or heard about where it is a constant battle between thr parents which can have a bad impact on the children. Looking at Lexie she seemed to be a bit obnoxious about the world around her having the kind of parents she had could have helped develop that character. But it does help that one close call out in the real world brought her back to reality and that she was lucky.

    I don’t know that’s what I can see lol and it’s after midnight 😛 good work.

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  2. I love this story! Great work! I wish I can learn too, how to craft such great story!

    Sometimes, the differences of the parents’ perspectives can teach the children the power of synergy. By combining her mother’s teachings, and her father’s example, Lexie was able to save herself and her brother.


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