#130 – The Tale of Graham the Gardener

Alisha Towers - Graham the Gardener

Graham the Gardener had the most incredible garden the town had ever seen. Every hedge was trimmed to perfection and it seemed that every plant he planted grew exactly the way he wanted it to grow. The green grass was luscious and was never too tall or never too short and it was obvious to even the most casual observer that the pebbles artfully bordering each garden bed were colour coordinated to match the relaxed and welcoming nature that Graham was striving to achieve. People would come from miles to visit Graham’s garden and they would always comment on the care and love it must take to create such a wonderful work of art. One morning, however, Graham the Gardener woke up and went outside to relax under the large oak tree when he was greeted by his worst nightmare: A weed that was as tall as Graham himself.

Naturally, weeding was a part of Graham the Gardener’s everyday duties, but, from the moment he saw this weed, Graham knew that it was different to any other he had encountered in his life. Graham not only prided himself on possessing a tremendous amount of knowledge about what to plant and when to plant it, he also considered himself to be an expert in things that could potentially destroy the good order of the garden he had worked so hard to create. This weed, thought Graham as he took note of its thorns and spiky leaves, is an angry weed.

Graham was able to remove most weeds from the garden with minimal effort, but this weed had grown as tall as it was overnight. He had therefore already established that he was dealing with something far more hostile than the average garden weed he was used to. What concerned Graham the most was this weed appeared to have a sense of purpose as if it were growing in his immaculate garden bed just to test him. He stood there for a moment contemplating how best tackle this situation, choosing to put his gardening gloves on and attempt to do the correct thing and pull the weed out from its roots. The weed, however, would not budge. In fact, Graham had to confirm that it was not made out of metal by giving it a slight push. As it moved back and forth and blew in the breeze as a real weed would, Graham the Gardener decided he would need something stronger than himself to get rid of this weed and he headed off to his shed to get his small axe. When he returned, he was shocked at what he saw: A second weed, only slightly smaller than the first, had appeared beside the weed he was trying to remove.

Graham could feel his blood begin to boil. He looked around for someone who might be playing tricks on him, but he liked to think that no one would be that sour. He started using his axe on the first weed, making tiny marks with each strike, but it was not enough to make it fall over. Graham the Gardener turned around in a huff to walk back to the shed to get his chainsaw, but, as he did, he spotted five more of the weeds growing in the section where the roses grew. Graham stormed over and used his strength to try and chop the weeds down, but nothing he did was working. Before long, Graham couldn’t look anywhere in his lovely garden without spotting a weed, as they appeared to work hard to try and take over everything he had worked so hard to achieve.

Days and weeks passed and, as the weeds continued to grow and multiply, fewer and fewer people were coming to visit Graham the Gardener’s incredible garden. People would drive past hoping to catch a glimpse of the flowers and trees they had heard so much about but they would quickly drive away disappointed.

In the end, Graham the Gardener realized he would have to learn to live with the weeds rather than try and fight against them. He took out some old paint from his shed and, for the next week, his neighbours looked on as he painted each weed a different colour. Soon, his garden was filled with the most beautiful, multicoloured weeds that the world had ever seen. Although he knew the work of painting the weeds would never end, Graham the Gardener was pleased that people were, once again, able to enjoy his garden and everything it had to offer.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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10 thoughts on “#130 – The Tale of Graham the Gardener

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  1. This Gardener is an amateur! A perfect lawn HA! no cat alive allows such a thing!!! So this story is proven false! Weeds as tall as man I know these kind I actually had these kind In my whatever it may be garden and with the strength most others cannot muster I managed to pull these weeds out. What a fragile man!
    But truthfully I think these weeds are his kids and grand kids and they don’t take pride in his work. Great work mate!!

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