#121 – The Tale of Theodore the Forgetful Circus Elephant

Once upon a time, under a red and white tent, a circus elephant named Theodore was training very hard for his next performance. The show was on in three hours and his trainer, Mr Max Guthrin, wanted to make sure that everything went perfectly. Although all of the circus animals, from the fleas to the... Continue Reading →

#120 – The Tale of the Boy Who Lived Above the Bed​

Once upon a time, in a world where you often thought about what you believed in, a monster, who had been called ‘The Monster’ his whole life had tucked himself up in bed for the night. The Monster had a mother and father, but he didn’t live with them anymore because they had told him... Continue Reading →

#119 – The Tale of a Rose Most Beautiful

Veronica had woken up early and, instead of reading as she usually did, she was lying in bed thinking of all the wonderful things her mother did for her. She was filled with so much gratitude, that she decided she was going to do something special for her mother to show her appreciation. Veronica thought... Continue Reading →

#118 – The Tale of How to Make a Birthday Wish

Once upon a time, a nine-year-old boy named Dominic was getting ready for his tenth birthday party. His mother and father had done a wonderful job of decorating the house. They had put up streamers and balloons and had placed shiny, silvery personalised banners around the house which read Happy 11th Birthday, Dominic! There was... Continue Reading →

#116 – The Tale of a Journey up Mount Impossible

Once upon a time, Angus McClusky was going on a field trip with his grade 5 class. For them to better understand some of the concepts they were exploring in their poetry class, their teacher had organised for the students to hike their way up Mount Impossible. The students had thought that it was odd... Continue Reading →

#113 – The Tale of Lexie the Lion Cub

Once upon a time, in a world where change was hard to accept, a lion named Lexie lived in the jungle with her mother, Sabrina, and her brother, Loki. Lexie enjoyed living with her mother, as she would make sure that both her and Loki had enough time to practice wrestling each other, while making... Continue Reading →

#112 – The Tale of Ava the Crocodile

Once upon a time, in a jungle so thick, it was impossible to tell one vine began and another vine ended, a group of crocodiles were making their way down a dirty river, trying to find some young fish to pick on. Since the crocodiles were the strongest animals in the river, they were sure they... Continue Reading →

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