#160 – The Tale of the Art of Being a Star

The stars could sense that The Moon was not in the best of moods before they even had a chance to see his glowing face appear before them. Several bolder stars drew on their vast experience, claiming that they just knew it wasn’t going to be a great night while the shyer stars silently cradled... Continue Reading →

#159 – The Tale of a Girl Under the Ocean

Living under the ocean meant that Olivia Granger didn’t have the same problems most other people had. It meant that she faced a vastly different set of issues and situations on a daily basis. During her first few days away from the land, for example, Olivia had made the mistake of choosing a single underwater... Continue Reading →

#158 – The Tale of the Greenvale Twins

Zayden and Jace. Jace and Zayden. They were Greenvale School’s very own set of twins. It wasn’t unusual to have an opinion on the brothers given that they were identical right down to the number and placement of freckles on either side of their noses and, if such a thing could be measured, the graphs... Continue Reading →

#154 – The Tale of Crow’s Nest Pond – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read part 1 by CLICKING HERE! "Now, this looks like a good read, boys," Billy said, tapping the book three times in the palm of his left hand. He fanned every page of the book from cover to cover as his smirk morphed into a teeth-filled grin. "Though,... Continue Reading →

#153 – The Tale of Crow’s Nest Pond – Part 1 of 2

With all of the mystery surrounding it, people travelled for many days just to catch a glimpse of the water in Crow's Nest Pond, so it was a rare occasion for anybody, let alone sixth grader, Billy Coates, to have the pond all to themselves. And yet, here he was: knees pressed against the jagged... Continue Reading →

#152 – The Tale of a Hermit Crab Named Orange

Orange the Hermit Crab felt that his family didn’t understand him very well. He tried to explain to them that he just wanted to be left alone, but struggled to get the words out before they would say, “Just relax”, or “Try not to think about it.” He tried to take their advice, but he... Continue Reading →

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