#131 – The Incredible Tale of Spoon Flight 131

Alisha Towers - Incredible Tale of Flight

Once upon a time, on a small, white, bowl with interesting patterns around its edges, a blue, plastic spoon was preparing for take-off. Very recently, the spoon had been loaded with important cargo including two pieces of carrot and four peas and the pilot was now preparing the plane and his crew for the long journey from the plate, to the mouth of a small child who sat on the other side of the table. The pilot had estimated that the child could have been no more than two years old, meaning that the delivery of this cargo was of extreme importance, as it could mean the difference between a decent nights’ sleep for both the baby and his parents. As the final checks were made, the pilot started the engines and, after a brief wait to ensure all of the peas were well secured, Spoon Flight 131 was finally given permission to take-off.

The sight of the vast living space following a smooth take-off never ceased to amaze him and he was filled with awe as he directed the spoon out of the bowl. His smile didn’t last very long, as the crew braced themselves for the first significant turn on the way to the child’s mouth. This turn always required the most skill, as any loose cargo was bound to fall on this first corner. Since it was the first flight of the day, the pilot accidentally took the turn a little too sharply, causing some alarm before he managed to steer the spoon sharply back the other way and level out. “Everyone O.K? back there?” the pilot called back to his crew.
“All good, Boss!” commented one of the flight attendants. “Just get us there safely, Captain!” The pilot gave a thumbs up before preparing for the “trick” pass by the closed mouth in front of them.

This move was intended purely to create a sense of want and need in the child for the cargo, but that did not mean that it wasn’t without its risks. The baby would often get curious about the spoon and its cargo and would, therefore, lash out with his hands in an attempt to send the peas and carrots flying across the room. It was up to the pilot and his crew to be alert and to keep the cargo secure at all costs.

The crew prepared themselves as the pilot signalled to them that he was heading down for the dummy pass. The descent was rapid and the feeling in their stomachs was not something any of them ever got used to. “Lucky we get paid the big bucks for this, Boss!” yelled one of the crew members as they rocketed past the now slightly opened mouth. Another, more experienced, a crew member who had seen plenty of slightly opened mouths before knew that this was a dangerous sign and called out her warning to the others.
“Laugh in-coming at three-o’clock! Take your emergency positions!” The crew and the pilot got themselves into position just as the mouth opened up and let out three large, sharp giggles. Due to his thorough training, the pilot knew that, following any form of laughter, he would now have to navigate the spoon through a flurry of arms and hands as the child waved them about uncontrollably. Over and under the spoon went, making some of the crew feel slightly ill. “It’ll be over soon!” yelled the pilot to calm their nerves. But, just as the spoon levelled out and they thought they were in the clear, the baby unexpectedly threw his right hand in the air, clipping the side of the spoon, sending one of the peas falling to the ground.

The pea appeared to fall onto the carpet below in slow motion and the crew had a moment of silence as they looked at each other in disbelief. “We lost one!” a crew member cried. “I can’t believe we lost one!”
“Let it go!” the pilot called back, trying to get his crew back together. “We’ve got to focus on what’s left.”
“There’s two pieces of carrot and only three peas now, Boss!”
“That’s more than enough! Let’s get the job done, troops!” the pilot called back while his crew gathered themselves together for the final descent into the mouth.

Despite one or two splutters from the engine upon approach to their destination, the descent went as smoothly as it could. Exhausted, the crew and the pilot couldn’t help but be filled with joy as the mouth opened wide, allowing them to rest the cargo, minus one never-to-be-forgotten pea, straight onto the tongue of the very hungry baby. Just as the baby closed his mouth, the pilot looked back proudly at his crew and gave them a wink and a thumbs up.

“Great job, team. Really great job.”

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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