#145 – The Tale of Jason and the Maze – Part 2 of 2

If you missed it, you can read Part 1 by CLICKING HERE!

Alisha Towers - Jason and the Maze

“Green Forever, green with me. Green perfection, green be free.”

Green perfection.

Jason and his grandparents agreed they would meet back at the entrance if they became separated for any longer than twenty minutes. Relishing several minutes of enjoyable confusion, Jason reached down to push up the sleeves of his jumper, stopping in his tracks when his right hand touched the bare skin where his digital wristwatch should have been. The hedges felt like they were becoming narrower, so Jason made an attempt to discover a shortcut. He tried pushing his way through the hedges, but they closed every gap between their leaves and their branches whenever he tried to go through. The maze is alive. Jason lost track of time and, after making his voice hoarse by calling out for his grandparents while running through the maze, he eventually conceded that there was no way out.

Months passed, yet the sky never darkened, he never got hungry and he did not age. He invented songs that he sang out aloud and ones that remained in his head. He improved both his short-distance and long-distance sprinting speeds and completed a routine of relaxation every morning. Not a minute should be wasted, not even in a maze.

Green be free.

Jason finished his morning routine, opened his eyes and stood up. He brushed the dust from his pants and started jogging down the never-ending green alleys of hedges stretching and twisting in front of him. Normally, Jason would keep his head upright and jog or sprint through the maze, but, today his eyes darted from one of the roots at the base of the hedges to the next. An unsettling feeling was clouding his mind, forcing him to stop and catch his breath or regain his focus more than any other day. Surely, he should be getting stronger and fitter, not weaker. Having tired of the constant stopping and starting, Jason elected to sit with his back against the hedges, tracing the roots at their base with his fingertips.

While gritting his teeth, he wrapped his hand around one of the roots and pulled upwards, unintentionally ripping the root out of the ground. He pushed himself off the ground just in time to watch the green of the leaves in front of him turn brown, then black and then crumble to the ground. A gap. He had made a gap. Jason cracked his knuckles, his breathing sped up and his eyes sharpened. He leapt through the gap and turned around. There was no consequence or mystical blockages, so he looked down at the next row of hedges and started pulling out the roots. Green, then brown, then black. Leap. Green, then brown, then black. Leap. Green, then brown, then black. Leap.

The entrance to the maze had deteriorated significantly. There was no booth and the signs now lay on the ground, abandoned and without purpose. Jason lifted his head and filled his lungs with air. “Hey!” a voice yelled from behind, causing Jason to turn around quickly. “How did you solve the maze so fast?” Jason smiled and walked towards his grandparents. “You’ll have to show us how it’s done!” His grandfather grinned while waving for Jason to reenter the maze with him and his grandmother. Jason prepared to hug his grandfather but stopped in his tracks, staring at the strange yellow stains on his grandfather’s teeth.


My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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