#151 – The Tale of Tall Fern

Fern heaved her arm over her body and silenced her alarm clock by mashing the dark brown buttons with the palm of her hand. Eager to remain ignorant to the demands placed upon her by the continuous buzzing, she brought a handful of blanket towards her chin and rolled back over on to her side. The sensation of her feet dangling over the end of the mattress stripped her of the peace she was chasing, and half her body shot up. An unstoppable beaming smile took over Fern’s mouth as she lifted her knees up to her chest, spun around and stretched her legs down towards the carpeted floor. Pushing the sheets aside and stepping out of bed, Fern counted three fewer steps than usual to arrive at her bedroom mirror and she embraced the unusual feeling of having to bend down to assess her appearance. The fear that she wasn’t going to be able to recognize herself disappeared the moment she saw her face and she performed a single twirl and clapped her hands knowing that the vegetables had done everything her mother promised her they would do.

Fern took a white plate out from the cupboard nearest to her knees and opened the fridge. After gathering up a selection of vegetables left over from the previous night’s dinner, Fern created one of the most exciting breakfasts she had ever eaten. The plate was empty by the time Fern’s parents woke up and they were followed closely by her older brother, Jackson. Fern expected a calm reaction from her family about her taller nature, but there was something unsettling about the fact that they had not reacted at all. They had, she assumed, become so accustomed to the fact that vegetables give you superpowers that it no longer impressed them when someone, not even their own daughter, woke up two feet taller than when they went to bed. Their lack of dismay was particularly obvious when Fern had to duck down to get through the front door on her way out of the house to go to school.

Reluctantly walking through the school gate, Fern was reminded of the worry she felt last year when she experimented with a new style of haircut. She thought that a year would be more than long enough for the students to forget about how horrendous her hair had looked but the particularly mean students were still bringing it up as recently as last week. Due to her new height, however, those same students not only apologized to Fern for their behaviour, but also invited her to play half-court basketball with them at lunchtime. Fern held back the tears while accepting their invitation. The school bell rang, and Fern snuck in two more pieces of carrot, 3 pieces of broccoli and some peas before bending down to enter her classroom, where, as a result of her height, she lasted ten minutes and thirty seconds before being asked to leave and complete her work outside.

By the time bell went for recess, Fern was so tall that she could clearly see over the school’s buildings and towards the centre of town. She tried calming the other students who were frustrated by the fact that they had to yell to get her attention, resulting in them revoking their invitation and playing half-court basketball without her. Wanted to be alone, Fern took a giant step towards the school’s back gate and sat down, sobbing as she tucked her knees up to her chest and hugged them close to her chest. Looking towards the horizon, Fern wiped away her tears as she squinted, trying to make sense what she would later describe as, “the fastest moving object she had ever seen flying through the sky.” As the object got closer, the better that Fern was able to make out some its details. It was a boy. Wearing a cape. With writing on it. Initials maybe. Fern bent her tall body down to get a better look when the boy landed in the middle of her left foot.

“So, you’re the notorious, Tall Fern, hey?”
Fern shook her head. “I…”
“There’s no time for that, now. My name is Night-Vision Jackson. I’m a superhero and I’m here to help.”


This tale has connections to Tale #28 – The Tale of Night-Vision Jackson CLICK HERE TO GO DEEPER!

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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