#152 – The Tale of a Hermit Crab Named Orange

Orange the Hermit Crab felt that his family didn’t understand him very well. He tried to explain to them that he just wanted to be left alone, but struggled to get the words out before they would say, “Just relax”, or “Try not to think about it.” He tried to take their advice, but he discovered that trying not to think about something was an open invitation for that very thing to be the only idea you could think about.

Observing that the household cat, Luna, was quite skilled in being left alone, he attempted to learn her tricks by watching her through the glass walls surrounding his tank. Luna was regularly pacing and hunting, looking for a way to sneak into the Hermit’s Crab home, causing Orange’s heart rate to skyrocket and his front claws to tighten up. Not being able to break into the custom-made, dual-level, tunnel-focused fortress, Luna would eventually give up and find her bed, appearing to instantly fall asleep once her fluffy head lay on the beanbag. Orange concluded that ignoring everyone would mean they would leave him alone. When Orange attempted this method by not coming out of his shell for several days, his plan backfired, and, on the third day of Orange’s peace, his family started to worry that Orange was ill, prodding him and asking him questions to make sure he was OK.

The other fact that didn’t escape Orange was that Luna lived alone. So, Orange tried to claim the highest floor in his family’s home as his own, blocking himself off from the outside world. An important factor Orange did not to take into account was that he wouldn’t have access to food or drink, so it didn’t take long before his family once again started​ prodding and poking him while holding him upside down to see why he might have stopped eating. Of course, there was nothing wrong with Orange. He just wanted to be left alone, which he was learning was notoriously difficult.

Orange got his wish two years later, when, hermit by hermit crab, his family left the tank. As he crawled out of his shell one morning in disbelief, preparing for the most relaxing day of his life, he looked over at the pool where his family used to swim and he suddenly wished he could hear them splashing and laughing once more. Trying not to think about this, Orange chose to sit and watch Luna sleep in peace instead.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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