#154 – The Tale of Crow’s Nest Pond – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read part 1 by CLICKING HERE!

“Now, this looks like a good read, boys,” Billy said, tapping the book three times in the palm of his left hand. He fanned every page of the book from cover to cover as his smirk morphed into a teeth-filled grin. “Though, I’m not sure why they’d need four parts. Should just be called Weirdos and Freaks and be done with it.” Billy kept his eyes on Haley’s as Samson and Kyle laughed behind him.
“Give it back,” Haley said, the seriousness of her tone matching the expression on her face. Billy squinted at the book and made a clicking noise with his mouth.
“Maybe when I’m done reading it,” he said, slightly tilting his head to one side. Haley stood up, her face so close to Billy’s that he could see her nostrils flaring. “Well, well, well. Look who’s finally showing some evidence that she’s actually a human being and not a freak dressed in a human’s outfit,” Billy didn’t move a muscle. Samson and Kyle glanced at each other, trying to decode the gravity of the situation. Their silent conversation ending after Samson shook his head at Kyle. Billy held the book in front of him with two hands and Haley took a tight grip on the other end. He could feel Haley pulling on the book, so he drew it back just enough for her to know that he wasn’t going to give it up that easy. “You’ll have to tell us if any of that stuff is true. You know, about the orb.” Haley’s mouth opened slightly but she remained silent. Billy chuckled and took his eyes off of Haley’s for the first time since their exchange began. “Well, best we head off and find ourselves some grommets to squash.” Billy headed towards the exit of the library, his friends needing no prompting to follow him. Haley breathed out and brought her hand up to her stomach.

That night, Billy lay in his bed, unaware that his feet were tapping against one another as he replayed his conversation with Haley, raking through the memories, searching for anything that would tell him what she was up to. No matter what angle he looked at the situation from, his conclusion was always the same: She was going out there and he had to be there when it happened. For the next two days, Billy encouraged his friends to find some other activities as he shadowed Haley from a distance, watching her like a hawk watches a worm. She spent most of her spare time in the library, occasionally joining her friends for a brief conversation just so they wouldn’t get suspicious. Billy again thought it was clever of her not to risk leaving a paper trail by getting the book on loan and after the bell signalled the end of recess, watched her put the book back on the shelf for the second afternoon in a row. During afternoon recess on the third day, Haley didn’t go to the library. Instead, she collected her school bag and walked towards the front of the school. Billy felt the blood pumping through his body as he followed Haley out of the school grounds and into the open forest surrounding the school grounds.

Most of the tourists came on the weekend, and anyone who lived in Greenvale never had any real reason to go near Crow’s Nest Pond. Billy himself had only ever been here once before and, as he trailed behind Haley, he tried shaking off the memories wanting to resurface. He and his friends had promised never to talk about how scared they were, so it was best to focus on the task at hand. Billy only lost sight of Haley for a moment but it was long enough for him to lose track of her altogether. He continued through the forest, making his way towards the clearing where the pond could be found. Once he reached the outskirts of the clearing he stopped and stared at the jagged rock surrounding the pond. There was no sign of Haley. The tourists may have treated the stories about what happens when you look into the water with humour, but Billy took the stories seriously. He was scared. Shaking his head, he turned to leave but found that his body wanted to do something that his mind was not telling it to do. Without any control over his own body, he dropped to his hands and knees and began inching his way towards the edge of the pond.

With his chin now clearly over the rocky edge, Billy dare not open his eyes. He was about to give in and call out for help when he heard a girl laughing behind him. He felt as though he had control of his body again and opened his eyes for an instant. He rolled over and stood up as fast as he could. In front of him, Haley Bremmer stood there pointing, her chuckles echoing through the forest behind him. “You should have seen your face, Billy Coates! Priceless! Absolutely priceless!” Billy felt an anger he had never felt before, but he had little time to acknowledge that fact before the two of them heard the water in Crow’s Nest Pond begin to boil. Haley froze and stared at Billy who was too scared to turn around.
“Run!” Haley yelled as she dashed into the forest. Billy watched her running up the hill for a moment before forcing his legs to follow her, while the sound of bubbling water grew louder and louder.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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