#180 – The Tale of Haley and the Necklace – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read part one by CLICKING HERE!

Lucas Hervey. That’s who was responsible for Haley’s anger. How could he think that it was would be funny to place two fingers behind Haley’s grandmother’s head, as someone was taking a photo while the two of them painted? Frustrated, Haley moved out of her bed and on to the floor. Since her room was dark, she had to use her fingers to find the hiding place for the photo album, placing it down gently before moving back into her bed. Some of the guests honked their car horns as they were leaving Haley’s house and, once they had all left, Haley listened to the sounds of her parents tidying up the living area for a few moments before she drifted off into a deep sleep.

The crack in the window grabbed Haley’s attention the moment she stepped out of bed. She stood on her carpeted floor wondering how it could have happened. Her mother knocked, and Haley glanced over her shoulder to smile at her mother when the door opened up. Haley’s mother smiled back at her, but her smile disappeared when she looked up at the window above Haley’s bed. She walked over and stood behind Haley and placed her hands on Haley’s shoulders. The two of them took a moment to silently observe the crack. Haley’s mother kept her hands on her daughter’s shoulders as she knelt down next to her. She whispered something into Hayley’s ear. Haley nodded, took her bag down from the shelf and got as much ready for her day at kindergarten as she could.

Three of the teachers at Haley’s kindergarten made a fuss of over the necklace before Haley even had a chance to put her bag away on the shelf in the main room. She hugged her mother goodbye​ before walking outside. She was pleased to see her best friend, Samantha Cronin, waiting on the wooden seats underneath the large oak tree. Samantha and Haley spoke at length about the necklace before Haley told her what she had seen in her photo album. Samantha pointed towards the sand-pit, and Haley nearly scowled when she saw Lucas Hervey enjoying himself playing dragons and princesses with three other children. Haley felt the anger rise again. The two girls watched Lucas as he ran towards some of the other students with a pretend sword he had made using a thick twig. Haley imagined Lucas running slower so that the dragons would have more time to run away. To Haley’s surprise, Lucas started slowing down, moving in slow-motion through the air and unable to catch the dragons. Some of the other kindergarten students noticed what was happening as well and gathered around Lucas to watch him running in the most peculiar way. Haley decided to try another experiment, this time involving sand. Lots of sand.

All of the students watched as a giant pillar of sand swirled above Lucas’s head while he was still hovering in slow-motion. Then, once Haley gave a nod, the entire​ pillar landed right on top of him, covering his feet in the sand. Lucas looked more mad than shocked but he certainly did not look like he was in control. Haley took some pride in being able to control Lucas like a puppet for what he had done, so the girls spent the next several minutes toying with Lucas; sending him down the slides backwards, encouraging him to juggle things that were impossible to juggle and, perhaps most fun of all, making him place two fingers behind his head to make himself look like a goofy bunny rabbit while the other students pointed at him and laughed. Haley was so caught up in seeking her playground revenge that Samantha had to place a hand on her shoulder to remind her to ​stop.

The kindergarten teachers didn’t let the students outside for a long time after all the commotion, so the students played with their toys or drawing pictures. The rumours had started, however, and Haley knew that she would have to take greater care to prove to her mother that the necklace will only ever add to her new-found power.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


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