RECENT FEATURE – Guest Author, Open House by Sally Cronin – Part 1 of 4

Hi everyone! Very privileged to be asked to take part in Sally Cronin’s weekly interview series, Open House. Sally’s four unique questions deserved some well-thought-out answers, so I opted to treat each response as its own piece of writing. This took a fair chunk of time to complete (on top of writing a new story every day!), so I hope you won’t mind me presenting my responses in four distinct parts. I’ll post half of the response here and, if you would like to keep reading, then you can click the link below and pay a visit to Sally’s incredibly active blog, Smorgasbord. Sally’s blog was recently nominated for Best Overall Blog by the good folk over at The Blogger’s Bash to be in held in London on May 19. I hope you enjoy this four-part series and best of luck to Sally!


Tell us about your chosen genre of books and why you chose to write in that genre.

182 days ago, I decided to write a unique story every day and, once complete, upload it to my webpage, Aside from simultaneously being rewarding and challenging, I also viewed this project as an opportunity to share the process of a writer trying to find his voice in a meaningful and engaging way. One of the lessons I’ve learned over the past three months is that I enjoy writing stories that emulate the styles and themes of the authors I learned about while studying to be a teacher at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. One author’s work I passionately share with my students is Margaret Wild.

51rglfhuwal-_sx353_bo1204203200_I was introduced to the mesmerising stories of children’s picture book author, Margaret Wild, by my English lecturer in my first year at university. As a group of students in our late teens and early twenties, we thought we weren’t too unreasonable when we let out a collective groan after the lecturer informed us she was going to read a children’s storybook before each of her presentations. Without hesitation, the lecturer projected a copy Margaret Wild’s, Woolves in the Sitee, on the screen at the front of the auditorium and proceeded to read an illustrated children’s storybook focussing on the struggles a young boy attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world…



My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at for you to share and enjoy.


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