#184 – The Tale of Izzy and the Bucket-O-Slime

Izzy attracted a small crowd while catching fake fish at the annual Greenvale fair. The fish were made of plastic and, instead of using a hook to catch them, the line threaded into the rod had magnets dangling from the bottom. Her parents had paid enough money for her to catch three fish and, underneath the third fish, the word PRIZE was written in gold felt pen. After the crowd had finished applauding, the man behind who ran the fishing stall informed Izzy that this meant she could select a prize from the third shelf behind where he stood. Being six years old, this was an important decision and one not to be taken lightly, so it took Izzy a few moments longer to choose than her parents would have liked. After thinking for a good length of time, Izzy was happy to take home the clear, plastic container with a thick, green, sticky ooze inside labelled, Bucket-O-Slime.

By the time they arrived home, it was too late to play with the slime so Izzy placed the bucket on the dresser in her bedroom and admired it’s green texture while it remained inside the clear, plastic bucket. After organising herself for bed, Izzy thought that she couldn’t do any harm by taking the lid off of the bucket and give the slime a slight poke. She opened her bedroom door and looked both ways down the hallway before heading back to her dresser, picking up the bucket and holding it under one arm while the other arm peeled back the well-sealed bucket. Izzy lifted her index finger and poked the slime, causing it to move like Jelly. She looked understandably concerned with the slime did not stop wobbling and even more concerned when the slime began growing. She tried to grab the lid to contain the slime, but she fumbled and dropped it on the floor. In the few seconds it took Izzy to pick the lid up and get herself ready to force the slime back down, the slime had grown so significantly that it could no longer fit inside the container. 

While the slime oozed its way across her dresser, Izzy tried to think of how she was going to stop it from spreading. She took four of the heaviest books she could lift from her bookshelf and placed them around the edges of the dresser. It was no good, however, and the ooze pushed itself up and over the books, uncaring as to their sentimental value. Izzy took a few steps backwards, watching as the slime used the books Izzy had put down, as a fence, farming itself so that it would take up more and more space. Every time she snuck towards the door, the slime would flick a blob out to prevent her from touching the doorknob. In a matter of minutes, Izzy’s life had changed dramatically for the worse.

She was about to resign herself to a life of slime, when her bedroom door swung open and her father stood there, wearing a necklace made from six bars of soap. In his hand were two spray bottles one labelled “Detergent 1”, the other labelled “Detergent 2”. Izzy had never loved her father so much. He yelled at the slime, demanding it to stop what it was doing and go back to the container from where it had first come. The slime did not budge, and there was a moment of silence before Izzy’s father started marching towards the slime, spraying the liquid from both bottles towards the surface of the slime.

It was retreating. Right out of Izzy’s bedroom window, but it was retreating. “I must warn you!” Izzy’s father yelled. “I’m using my special triple-action mix tonight!” Izzy wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but it certainly made an impact on the slime, as it was now obvious that it was exiting by using Izzy’s bedroom window. Once the last of its green, gooey body slipped out of view, Izzy and her father walked over to the window and watched the slime making its way down their street. They were both too tired to chase after it, or to battle with it even if they were to catch it. 

For now, Izzy’s room was slime free and that was the best thing a six-year-old girl could wish for.

My name is Gregg Savage and, every night when the house is quiet, I write and publish a free children’s story at dailytales.com.au for you to share and enjoy.


Illustrations by Alisha Towers: FACEBOOK

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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