#235 – The Tale of Toby Gutsall’s Happiness

Toby Gutsall wasn’t happy. He had seen happy people, and he was not one of them. Based on his observations, Toby had concluded that happy people require the following two things: First, they needed some shiny, white teeth​ so that they would never be afraid to smile. Then, they needed a decent laugh. This was... Continue Reading →

#232 – The Tale of an Ascent Into the Sky

Krinsala wondered if he was the first to attempt the stairs in such a tattered outfit, his previous battles taking their toll on his skin and on his khaki-coloured garments; even the red bandana, keeping Krinsala’s hair from interfering with his eyesight, was torn and aged. The voice inside his mind telling him it was... Continue Reading →

#231 – The Tale of the Greenvale Boulder

Harper snuck in as many glances as she could at Greenvale’s Royal Park in between Harper Dane’s complaints about the fact that her and Tahlia Sandsmith both wore the same style of shoes to school today. Harper knew when to nod, periodically letting them out in sets of three to give the illusion that she... Continue Reading →

#230 – The Tale of an Escape in a Hot Air Balloon

My grandfather owned a hot air balloon. Two, actually. “Things rarely go according to plan,” he would say. “So, it’s important to always have a back-up plan.” For as long as I could remember, people from all over The World had made contact with him just to take part in his infamous flights over the... Continue Reading →

RECENT FEATURE: Interviewed by Trudy Graham – Teachers Thriving Magazine

For those who don't know, I'm a teacher by day and I was recently invited to be interviewed by the extraordinarily prolific blogger and author, Trudy Graham. We discussed the reality of teaching, time management and, of course, my daily blog! Below is an extract so I encourage you to click below and check out... Continue Reading →

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