#224 – The Soulless Tale of a Lost Shoe

I had been wearing the shoes for two weeks before I lost one of them. In that time, I learned that they gave me the ability to become significantly stronger than the average person. Not that I have anything against average people. I think they’re tip-top. A-okay. Couldn’t live without them and all that jazz.... Continue Reading →

#211 – The Tale of Axel and the Room of Doors

The sounds of the removalist truck could be heard disappearing down the road as Axel started examining every nook and every cranny of his and his mother’s new house. Axel was exploring underneath the stairs when he came across a tiny wooden door, painted cream with a brass door handle. There was enough light from... Continue Reading →

#202 – The Tale of a Mermaid’s Tail

We tried to be welcoming to Sparkles when she first arrived, but, apparently, she wasn’t in the mood to be welcomed. Before her, there were only two other mermaids I’d had the pleasure of introducing to the colony. It meant that I knew the process to follow when Sparkles arrived, however. First, I stared at... Continue Reading →

#192 – The Tale of the Sloth and Everybody Else

Sloth woke up when the sun was just starting to turn the sky orange. Not doing a great deal every day was thirsty work, so sloth struggled to stop his thoughts from drifting towards the image of the jungle waterhole. Following a lengthy yawn and an even longer stretch, Sloth started making his way down... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I have been lucky enough to be nominated in the “Best Newcomer” category for the annual Blogger’s Bash Awards to be held in London on April 30. It would be awesome if you could head to the website, scroll down to the Best Newcomer category and vote for me (Or, whoever you think... Continue Reading →

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