#225 – The Tale of the Making of a Butterfly

Aiden was grateful that he and his family had left his pillows, quilt and quilt cover back at the holiday cabin a fortnight ago. They were forced to abandon a lot of supplies and entertainment - food, board games and most of their clothes - but, since Aiden didn’t have any blankets, he got to... Continue Reading →

#224 – The Soulless Tale of a Lost Shoe

I had been wearing the shoes for two weeks before I lost one of them. In that time, I learned that they gave me the ability to become significantly stronger than the average person. Not that I have anything against average people. I think they’re tip-top. A-okay. Couldn’t live without them and all that jazz.... Continue Reading →

#223 – The Tale of Felix and the Jelly-Fish

Felix the Whale was lost. This was rather distressing because whales are not the smallest of creatures and swimming amongst a school of them one second and then realising that you couldn’t find them the next meant there was the potential that you could get lost on a very regular basis. Felix was too deep... Continue Reading →

#221 – The Tale of Mary’s Monsters

Mary often struggled to fall asleep on time. She had tried everything: Counting sheep, singing herself a lullaby, putting her pink pillow over her eyes. None of it ever worked. Instead, she decided to make her lack of sleep somewhat amusing by creating catchy songs in her head to match the rhythm of the banging... Continue Reading →

#218 – The Tale of Noah and the Light of the Forest – Part 2 of 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, YOU CAN READ PART 1 BY CLICKING HERE! One year before Noah and his family went camping, his parents thought that they would take advantage of the summer weather and host a picnic party for Noah’s fourth birthday at Greenvale Park. The party wasn’t planned too far in advance of... Continue Reading →

#217 – The Tale of Noah and the Light of the Forest – Part 1 of 2

When asked later why he had walked away from the campsite, Noah would sometimes say that it was because the smoke from the campfire seemed to be more attracted to him than anybody else, while at other times, he would reply that it was because the mosquitoes were getting rather bad. He would forever keep... Continue Reading →

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