#183 – The Tale of Elliot and The Trainman

Elliot Asher sat on the backseat of the train’s only carriage, wondering where The Trainman was taking for them for their final stop. Not that he was in any hurry to get off. He could comfortably sit for hours listening to the soothing sound of a train’s wheels powering along the tracks and was as... Continue Reading →

#147 – The Tale of What Happened in the Video Arcade

Between the hours of two-thirty and three-twenty every Saturday afternoon, Greenvale's video arcade, PM's Amusements, would be all but empty, save for a twelve-year-old boy dressed in sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt, named Jimmy Taylor. With a chocolate milkshake in one hand and the equivalent of one week's pocket money in the other, Jimmy would... Continue Reading →

#145 – The Tale of Jason and the Maze – Part 2 of 2

If you missed it, you can read Part 1 by CLICKING HERE! "Green Forever, green with me. Green perfection, green be free." Green perfection. Jason and his grandparents agreed they would meet back at the entrance if they became separated for any longer than twenty minutes. Relishing several minutes of enjoyable confusion, Jason reached down... Continue Reading →

#133 – The Tale of What Actually Happens After the School Bell – Part 2 of 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, YOU CAN READ  PART ONE BY CLICKING HERE! There were monsters with lizard-type legs clinging to the ceilings, monsters with five eyes and green heads slobbering all over students’ work and bright pink monsters with two sets of sharp teeth and tentacles eating all of the fruit and sandwiches left... Continue Reading →

#132 – The Tale of What Actually Happens After The School Bell – Part 1 of 2

Sophie Smith kept her hands neatly folded on top of one another above her desk and her eyes were glued to the teacher. Mrs Lane paced around the classroom reading from a history textbook, tapping on any students’ desk who was not listening. Sophie jumped in her seat with every new tap. She needed not... Continue Reading →

#131 – The Incredible Tale of Spoon Flight 131

Once upon a time, on a small, white, bowl with interesting patterns around its edges, a blue, plastic spoon was preparing for take-off. Very recently, the spoon had been loaded with important cargo including two pieces of carrot and four peas and the pilot was now preparing the plane and his crew for the long... Continue Reading →

#129 – The Wise Tale of Koby the Koala

Once upon a time, in the tallest eucalyptus tree in the forest, a very humble koala named Koby was dozing in the summer sun. The forest animals considered Koby to be the wisest of all the animals, because, no matter their problems, they could always approach Koby and he would take the time to listen... Continue Reading →

#128 – The Tale of Three Girls and a Treehouse – Part 2 of 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, YOU CAN READ PART 1 BY CLICKING HERE! The three girls were worried about seeing Veronica’s parents, so they stayed inside the treehouse and talked for as long as they could. Zoe noticed that, despite their best efforts, Veronica and Ellie couldn’t hide their suspicions that Zoe was up to no... Continue Reading →

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