#128 – The Tale of Three Girls and a Treehouse – Part 2 of 2

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, YOU CAN READ PART 1 BY CLICKING HERE! The three girls were worried about seeing Veronica’s parents, so they stayed inside the treehouse and talked for as long as they could. Zoe noticed that, despite their best efforts, Veronica and Ellie couldn’t hide their suspicions that Zoe was up to no... Continue Reading →

#127 – The Tale of Three Girls and a Treehouse – Part 1 of 2

The treehouse looked older than they remembered, with the pinewood they had used for the floors and the walls now brown and slightly covered in moss. Only two of the four windows still had the blinds they had made and the ladder leading to the entrance now missing several of its steps. Two years ago,... Continue Reading →

#100 – The Tale of a Broken Heart

Once upon a time, a caring and empathetic heart had been given the job of working inside an extremely lucky body. The heart performed her role with considerable care and dedication, eventually finding a great friend inside the body. Known only as the mind, the two of them created a strong bond from the day... Continue Reading →

#95 – The Tale of Little Cloud Sally

Once upon a time, in a world where being happy should have happened with ease, there lived a six-year-old girl named Sally Parker. Sally was mostly just like the other boys and girls she played with. However there was one significant difference separating her from her friends, and that was the tiny cloud that followed... Continue Reading →

Introducing My Illustrator – Alisha Towers

I am excited to announce that, over the past view months, I have been collaborating with artist, Alisha Towers, to produce illustrations for my tales. Based in South-West Victoria, Alisha has been working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to create wonderful artwork for a selection of the more popular tales with the goal of producing illustrations for all... Continue Reading →

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