Ages 4-8, Ages 8-12

#184 – The Tale of Izzy and the Bucket-O-Slime

Izzy attracted a small crowd while catching fake fish at the annual Greenvale fair. The fish were made of plastic and, instead of using a hook to catch them, the line threaded into the rod had magnets dangling from the bottom. Her parents had paid enough money for her to catch three fish and, underneath […]

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Ages 8-12, Illustratred

#183 – The Tale of Elliot and The Trainman

Elliot Asher sat on the backseat of the train’s only carriage, wondering where The Trainman was taking for them for their final stop. Not that he was in any hurry to get off. He could comfortably sit for hours listening to the soothing sound of a train’s wheels powering along the tracks and was as […]

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