#113 – The Tale of Lexie the Lion Cub

Once upon a time, in a world where change was hard to accept, a lion named Lexie lived in the jungle with her mother, Sabrina, and her brother, Loki. Lexie enjoyed living with her mother, as she would make sure that both her and Loki had enough time to practice wrestling each other, while making... Continue Reading →

#112 – The Tale of Ava the Crocodile

Once upon a time, in a jungle so thick, it was impossible to tell one vine began and another vine ended, a group of crocodiles were making their way down a dirty river, trying to find some young fish to pick on. Since the crocodiles were the strongest animals in the river, they were sure they... Continue Reading →

#94 – The Tale of How to Crack a Walnut

Once upon a time, in a very lively forest, a squirrel was attempting to crack open a walnut by pushing it down a small hill and letting it hit the boulders below. This, of course, was not working, so Squirrel was starting to worry that he would have to eat from his stockpile of easy-to-access... Continue Reading →

#86 – The Tale of Max the Well-Spoken Parrot

Once upon a time, a parrot named Max was flying through the forest at a terrific speed, trying to outrun his young human owner, Zane, having finally put in place his genius plan for escape. For too long, Max had been a prisoner inside the cage, eating all sorts of bland seeds and being given... Continue Reading →

#77 – The Tale of the Spider and the Bear

Once upon a time, the mother of a young spider had just finished teaching her son, Nathan, how to climb trees without being seen and how to build beautiful webs that trapped even the agilest of insects. Nathan had performed well in these tasks, but that was mainly because he was extremely excited about the... Continue Reading →

#59 – The Tale of Three Early Birds

Once upon a time, in a tree tall enough for a tiny nest, there were three baby birds, Lilly, Milly and Tilly, who had woken up and were waiting impatiently for their breakfast. The three baby chicks were unique in the following ways: Lilly couldn’t hear, Milly couldn’t see and Tilly couldn’t speak. So, although... Continue Reading →

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