#109 – The Tale of Bentley Douglas and the Three Doors

Once upon a time, Bentley Douglas woke up with a very strong urge to stay home from school. He hadn't done his homework. Again. And was going to end up in detention. Again. Even though he was awake, he lay in bed with his eyes tightly shut, hoping that he could make the day disappear... Continue Reading →

#108 – The Tale of the Ballerina and the Purple Egg

Once upon a time, when being passionate about something meant making some sacrifices, a young girl named Claire Everdeen had a desire to become the greatest ballerina the world had ever seen. She would dance at every opportunity: In her living room, in her bedroom, she would even practice in the car on the short... Continue Reading →

RECENT FEATURE: ABC Radio Interview [Audio + Transcript]

Very privileged to have been interviewed by Thomas Edwards from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) recently. The broadcast ended up gaining a worldwide audience and resulted in me receiving genuinely humbling messages throughout the subsequent few days. Despite getting up at 5am, Thomas made it such an entertaining morning. I've wanted to share this with you... Continue Reading →

#106 – The Tale of Paradise Gardens – Part 2 of 2

Only the three Elder Brights were allowed out of the garden, and only ever two at any one time. There was a door at the base of the Dawn Tree and, while two Elders went to collect supplies, one Elder was responsible for guarding the door. The Brights were told this was to protect them... Continue Reading →

#105 – The Tale of Paradise Gardens – Part 1 of 2

Once upon a time, in a world where secrets often did more harm than good, there existed an exquisite garden that no human could access. The garden was known to its inhabitants as Paradise Gardens and had been grown and maintained for hundreds of years by what you might call fairies, but who referred to... Continue Reading →

#102 – The Tale of a Crash Landing

Once upon a time, somewhere near the brightest star you could see in the sky, Alien Jim was flying his brand-new spaceship that his parents had bought him as a gift for having recently graduated from Dark Matter College. They had bought him the latest SpaceMaster 4000 and, as he Zig-Zagged his way between 14... Continue Reading →

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