#215 – The Tale of Jonathan’s Monster

There was no better way to describe the relationship Jonathan had with Yoki other than that of owner and pet. Obviously,​ there were differences (unlike a pet, Jonathan wouldn’t have been too upset if Yoki suddenly vanished), but the similarities were great enough that Jonathan thought of himself as a particularly smart seven-year-old boy for... Continue Reading →

#214 – The Tale of Frolly the Frilled-Neck Lizard

Frolly the Frilled-Neck Lizard was always making mistakes. She was regularly getting into trouble for it, too. Once, during Frolly’s mother’s third attempt to teach her daughter how to move her body gracefully to make it to the end of a branch, Frolly slipped, sending her mother flying high into the air. Frolly watched from... Continue Reading →

#213 – The Tale of the Dinosaur’s Destruction

If it wasn’t for that wretched bakery opening up down the road then none of this would have happened. Well, at least a vast majority of this never would have happened. Okay, maybe some of this still would have happened, but that’s not the point. The point is that none of this is my fault.... Continue Reading →

#212 – The Tale of Jasmine, The Guards, The Queen and The Assistant

Jasmine entered the room, her shimmering, light-blue dress decorated with white trimmings pre-empting the day that she would become royalty. She breathed in the combined smell of numerous dishes, each cooked with passion and love. The clanging of swords against armour bounced from one stone wall to the other as the two guards on either... Continue Reading →

#211 – The Tale of Axel and the Room of Doors

The sounds of the removalist truck could be heard disappearing down the road as Axel started examining every nook and every cranny of his and his mother’s new house. Axel was exploring underneath the stairs when he came across a tiny wooden door, painted cream with a brass door handle. There was enough light from... Continue Reading →

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