#119 – The Tale of a Rose Most Beautiful

Veronica had woken up early and, instead of reading as she usually did, she was lying in bed thinking of all the wonderful things her mother did for her. She was filled with so much gratitude, that she decided she was going to do something special for her mother to show her appreciation. Veronica thought... Continue Reading →

#113 – The Tale of Lexie the Lion Cub

Once upon a time, in a world where change was hard to accept, a lion named Lexie lived in the jungle with her mother, Sabrina, and her brother, Loki. Lexie enjoyed living with her mother, as she would make sure that both her and Loki had enough time to practice wrestling each other, while making... Continue Reading →

#112 – The Tale of Ava the Crocodile

Once upon a time, in a jungle so thick, it was impossible to tell one vine began and another vine ended, a group of crocodiles were making their way down a dirty river, trying to find some young fish to pick on. Since the crocodiles were the strongest animals in the river, they were sure they... Continue Reading →

FREE PDF – Easily Access 101 Original Children’s Tales

My name is Gregg Savage and I write and publish an original children's tale every day and I have recently put together a free PDF to give you easy access to the first 101 tales. The PDF has been beautifully designed with original artwork by Alisha Towers and Rachel May, which makes it worth a... Continue Reading →

#110 – The Tale of the Man and the Wishing Well

Once upon a time, a man without very much money was having a particularly bad day, so he decided to take a walk through Greenvale Gardens to figure out his problems. He had walked through the gardens many times before, but because he was filled with frustration, he was having trouble paying attention to his... Continue Reading →

#102 – The Tale of a Crash Landing

Once upon a time, somewhere near the brightest star you could see in the sky, Alien Jim was flying his brand-new spaceship that his parents had bought him as a gift for having recently graduated from Dark Matter College. They had bought him the latest SpaceMaster 4000 and, as he Zig-Zagged his way between 14... Continue Reading →

#94 – The Tale of How to Crack a Walnut

Once upon a time, in a very lively forest, a squirrel was attempting to crack open a walnut by pushing it down a small hill and letting it hit the boulders below. This, of course, was not working, so Squirrel was starting to worry that he would have to eat from his stockpile of easy-to-access... Continue Reading →

#93 – The Tale of Jessica’s Little Book of Questions​

Once upon a time, in a world where asking the right questions at the wrong time could get you into trouble, a young girl named Jessica Marsh was questioning her parents about why bears have hair under their arms. If it was to keep the bear warm, she reasoned, then why would they need hair... Continue Reading →

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