RECENT FEATURE – Guest Author, Open House by Sally Cronin – Part 1 of 4

Hi everyone! Very privileged to be asked to take part in Sally Cronin's weekly interview series, Open House. Sally's four unique questions deserved some well-thought-out answers, so I opted to treat each response as its own piece of writing. This took a fair chunk of time to complete (on top of writing a new story every... Continue Reading →

#181 – The Tale of a Shattered Rock

Rocks cannot leap. They can fall. One moment, they are spinning through the air, so light and unbound, descending for long enough to show you every shade of their mesmerising surfaces. And the next, they shatter with the most heinous of sounds, the force of the boulders below splitting them apart, separating them into smaller... Continue Reading →

#180 – The Tale of Haley and the Necklace – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read part one by CLICKING HERE! Lucas Hervey. That’s who was responsible for Haley’s anger. How could he think that it was would be funny to place two fingers behind Haley’s grandmother’s head, as someone was taking a photo while the two of them painted? Frustrated, Haley moved... Continue Reading →

#179 – The Tale of Haley and the Necklace – Part 1 of 2

The necklace made some of the guests feel as though the presents they had chosen for Haley’s fifth birthday were inadequate. Haley was sure to use her manners while opening her presents before dinner, but, from the moment she picked up the wooden box with the necklace inside, it was obvious that this present was... Continue Reading →

#177 – The Tale of Benjamin and the Canary

Early one Tuesday morning, perched on the small, wooden bar of her cage in J&J’s Pet Store, a Canary named Lila was rocking backwards and forwards while having a spectacular dream. While in the deepest part of her sleep, the fluorescent lights lining the roof of the store came on, waking her up and putting... Continue Reading →

#176 – The Tale of Dan and the Cloak of Invisibility​ – Part 2 of 2

In case you missed it, you can read PART 1 - BY CLICKING HERE! I re-purposed a hand-carved wooden box that I found in the attic to house the cloak, keeping it amongst my shoes at the bottom of my cupboard. I would sometimes catch glimpses of my friends staring at the box, part of... Continue Reading →

#175 – The Tale of Dan and the Cloak of Invisibility – Part 1 of 2

Every Saturday, before we completed the family grocery shopping, my mother and father would take me to the store. I could feel it working its magic well before we entered. The owner chose to build the store between the town’s bank and council office; two older buildings that I’m sure resembled a time when Robert... Continue Reading →

#174 – The Tale of Flick the City Falcon

Flick perched herself on the street lamp, her curious eyes scanning for signs of life from her unique perspective. The grey clouds smothered the sky and occasionally rolled over the peaks of the skyscrapers, their waves reforming into a single mass as they continued their journey from one side of the horizon to the other.... Continue Reading →

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