#94 – The Tale of How to Crack a Walnut

Once upon a time, in a very lively forest, a squirrel was attempting to crack open a walnut by pushing it down a small hill and letting it hit the boulders below. This, of course, was not working, so Squirrel was starting to worry that he would have to eat from his stockpile of easy-to-access... Continue Reading →

#93 – The Tale of Jessica’s Little Book of Questions​

Once upon a time, in a world where asking the right questions at the wrong time could get you into trouble, a young girl named Jessica Marsh was questioning her parents about why bears have hair under their arms. If it was to keep the bear warm, she reasoned, then why would they need hair... Continue Reading →

#85 – The Tale of a Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, tucked up amongst her freshly washed sheets, a young girl named Chloe Harriet was lying in her bed, waiting for her father, William Harriet, to tell her a bed-time story. Chloe knew that her father wasn’t the most confident storyteller, but she found it sweet the way he tried every single... Continue Reading →

#12 – The Tale of Spaceman Jack

Once upon a time, there was a young astronaut named Spaceman Jack who loved everything there was to love about space. Spaceman Jack loved space so much, he spent more time in his spaceship than he did at home with his friends and family, usually coming back down to Earth for just two reasons: Firstly,... Continue Reading →

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